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Custom Monitoring Fields


Suppose you need to add a custom monitoring field with a fixed value against the monitors, you can create a field of your own to do so. This field can be used for grouping or tagging purposes to filter out certain monitors as per your requirement.

For example, There are multiple monitors located at a particular location. You can add a custom field at the monitor level to mention the location of monitors. You can create a custom field with a fixed value and assign the field to all the monitors discovered from that particular location. The field is then available to view against these monitors on the Monitor Screen as well as the Device/Agent/Cloud/Service Monitor Settings Screen.

Go to Menu, Select Settings . After that, go to Monitoring . Select Custom Monitoring Field. The screen to manage the custom monitoring fields is now displayed.

Custom Monitoring Field Screen

The fields displayed on the screen:

Field Name The name of the custom field.
Actions Select to display permissible actions for the Custom Monitoring Fields. The following actions are available:

  • Edit Custom Monitoring Field: Select this button to edit the custom monitoring field.

You can then add this field against a monitor in the Device/Agent/Cloud/Service Check Monitor settings. Select the Edit option. After that click on to add the custom field to the selected monitor.