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Asking for Feedback

Feedbacks are valuable information that helps in taking important decisions. You can ask a requestor for feedback about the experience with a request. Such a feedback loop ensures continuous improvement in the way services are delivered to the end user.

In taking feedback, the system sends an email with a link to the form. To ask for the feedback:

  1. Click on the vertical three dots at the top-right corner of the Request Details page.
  2. Select Ask for Feedback option as shown below.
  3. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes to continue or No to discard the action. If Yes is clicked, an email is sent the to requester asking for feedback.
Ask for Feedback option
Ask for Feedback option
Confirmation Message
Confirmation Message

Admin Settings for Feedback

As an admin you can do the following things to simulate effective feedback loop. Click here

  • Send feedback link in request resolve email.
  • Send feedback link in close request email.
  • Turn On/Off manual feedback option.
  • See how feedback works and add manual fields for effective loop back.

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