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Variance Detection

Hardware Asset Variance is the contrast or difference observed in the hardware properties of the recent most asset baseline data. Asset attributes are defined with a baseline. If there is a variance to the specified baseline, the captured variance details would be notified to the technicians specified in the Baseline configuration.

Using the Hardware Variance, the Asset Managers can verify the latest Asset Discovery Data against the Asset Management Data and update the Asset Management Data or identify unauthorized Hardware upgrades or additions. Variance only in the Hardware Assets Attributes are considered.


  • Unauthorized hardware device identification.
  • Avoids discrepancies and updates Asset Management Data accurately.
  • Helpful to configuration managers in taking appropriate actions like updating or removing the hardware.
Variance Detection Settings
Variance Detection Settings

When you click on Variance Detection Settings you can schedule a detection session using the type, Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. The input columns are:

Schedule Type: Choose to schedule detection. The options are:

  • Once: If selected, the schedule will run only once.
  • Daily: If selected, the schedule will run daily as per the selected Time.
  • Weekly: If selected, the schedule will run once in a week as per the selected Day and Time.
  • Monthly: If selected, the schedule will run once in a month as per the selected Date and Month.

Enabled: Choose to Enable or Disable the scheduler.
Once done, click Save. The Variance Detection schedule can be edited by clicking on the edit icon as shown below:

Edit Variance Detection Schedule
Edit Variance Detection Schedule

Variance Detection Notifications

System generated email will be pushed to the technicians specified in the Baseline configuration settings, in-case of Detected variance with respective Asset Details and Variance Attributes.