Log Monitoring

Real-time Intelligence to Protect Your Applications

Derive actionable insight at scale by collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and diagnosing log data with metrics to gain complete visibility.

Acquire the Insight from Your Logs that Leads to Action

With the ad-hoc requests and flood of incidents, it gets challenging for the IT Support team to tackle and resolve them before they cause any SLA violation. In addition, it becomes cumbersome to provide support to requests made across multiple channels.

Efficient Log Collection

Automate the process of collecting and parsing log events from various sources without the hassle of indexing and storage.

Real-time Monitoring

Perform log monitoring in real-time and alert system admins before facing an inevitable failure.

Detect Clusters and Anomalies

When log data is forwarded, Motadata can process them and instantly cluster millions of entries for faster insights & troubleshooting.

Centralized Log Collection

  • Get log data from heterogeneous environments onto a unified dashboard using an agent and agent-less methods and create a single source of truth.
  • Achieve compliance with regards to log retention, audit, and legacy log policies.
  • Scale log management operations using our robust agent that can ingest data in any format.

Data Enrichment and Dynamic Parsing

  • Parse logs in any format using a dynamic parser with drag & drop support.
  • Enrich your log data by extracting meaningful information from custom data sources.
  • Remove clutter from terabytes of log data using keyword-based filtering and robust searching.

Anomaly Detection and Clustering

  • Ingested data is clustered to find patterns to detect anomalies.
  • Convert machine data into trackable metrics to gain business insight.
  • Use our ML engine to learn unusual patterns in log data related to error ratio and log flow.

Create a Unified and Perceptive DevOps Tool Chain

Log Live Tail

Put live tail in action by viewing pre-indexed log data in real-time from multiple sources with zero latency.

Log Correlation

Easily parse and know what happened in the event of a bug, software outage, or security incident.

Visualize Your Data

Get real-time visualization of log data in the form of charts and graphs and identify trends for a particular timeframe.

Discover Security Breaches

Track critical metrics related to the firewall and effectively monitor its performance.

Powerful Automation

Automate log parsing using predefined templates for popular services to improve efficiency and save time.

Flexible Log Collection

Collect log data from targeted devices using agent and agentless methods to scale log management operations.

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