Motadata AIOps vs ManageEngine OpManager: Why Unified Observability Wins Every Time

ManageEngine OpManager monitoring relies on multiple tools such as OpManager, Application Manager, and Event Manager. In contrast, Motadata AIOps is built as a unified observability platform to monitor metrics, logs, traffic, and traces.

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ManageEngine OpManager Alternative: Why Motadata’s AIOps Reigns Supreme

Motadata AIOps is loved by IT teams to consolidate their monitoring tools. The ability to scale to process billions of metrics and terabytes of log data makes Motadata one of the top observability platforms. This is why many of the IT teams have switched from ManageEngine OpManager to Motadata.


Built as a unified observability across network, server, and cloud

Motadata AIOps is a unified observability cloud that seamlessly covers network, server, and cloud landscapes. Its comprehensive approach ensures a holistic view, giving you the power to navigate through the complexities of your infrastructure with unparalleled ease. In a nutshell, Motadata is that catalyst that helps comprehensive solutions to gain effortless control, resulting in thriving digital landscapes, peak performances, and seamless operations.


AI ready across data sources

Motadata AIOps is an AI-powered IT management platform that gathers intel from metrics, logs, and traffic to spot anomalies before they become major issues. AIOps uses multiple algorithms depending upon the data type and source to ensure that every event that affects performance is captured and notified.

Motadata AIOps makes your IT team the ultimate problem-solving squad who stays ahead of the curve and transforms challenges into victories, making downtime a thing of the past.


Motadata uses propriety data store

Motadata utilizes a proprietary data store, MotaStore, to deliver complete data control across diverse sources through AI-powered analytics. This high-performance datalake ensures rapid data ingestion from hybrid infrastructures, enhancing ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps.


MotaStore is built to process high-cardinality data

MotaStore thrives in the face of data’s ever-growing complexity. Its high-cardinality processing muscle lets it effortlessly crunch through oceans of diverse information, from countless product variations to user profiles bursting with unique traits. No matter how many distinct values or attributes your data throws its way, MotaStore handles them with grace, empowering you to unlock valuable insights hidden within the chaos. With MotaStore, data diversity becomes a playground, not a hurdle.


Motadata is easy to self host and gives single pane of glass

Motadata ends your search for a hassle-free self-hosted solution. Unlike its competition that has complex management of multiple consoles and information silos, Motadata uses a single backend for comprehensive observability, simplifying the entire process.

Motadata vs Manageengine:
The Ultimate Comparison

Motadata AIOps


ManageEngine OpManager

  • Single
  • One
  • Built-in
  • Usage-based
  • 1 Years +
  • In seconds
  • Datastores
  • Agent
  • Context
  • Pricing
  • Retention
  • Analytics on high cardinality data
  • Multiple
  • Multiple
  • Humans
  • Ingest-based
  • Days
  • Not built for high cardinality data

Motadata Has More Features With Fewer Paywalls.

Motadata AIOps is loved by IT teams to consolidate their monitoring tools. The ability to scale to process billions of metrics and terabytes of log data makes Motadata one of the top observability platforms. This is why many of the IT teams have switched from ManageEngine to Motadata.

Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Metrics Explorer Yes No
Baseline Threshold Yes Yes
Anomaly Detection Yes No
Forecasting Yes No
Identify Outliers Yes No
Capacity Planning Yes No
Topology Yes Yes
Runbook Yes Yes
Support for Custom Runbook Plugin with Go and Python language Yes No
Metrics Correlation Yes No
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Ping Check Yes Yes
TCP Based Status Polling Yes Yes
Schedule downtime Yes Yes
Service Level Management Dashboards Yes Yes
Support for adding custom device types Yes Yes
Real-time Perf. and Traffic Monitoring via SNMP Yes Yes
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Monitoring CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization & other performance metrics Yes Yes
Service Monitoring Yes Yes
Windows Service Monitoring Yes Yes
Process Monitoring Yes Yes
Hardware health monitoring Yes Yes
File/ Folder monitoring Yes Yes
VMware Monitoring Yes Yes
Xen Server Monitoring Yes Yes
Nutanix Monitoring Yes Yes
Cisco UCS Monitoring Yes Yes
Hyper-V Monitoring Yes Yes
Virtual Machine monitoring Yes Yes
Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Yes (AWS, Azure and M365) Requires separate Product
Wireless Monitoring Yes (Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba) Ruckus not supported
System Health Monitoring Yes Yes
Script Monitoring Yes Yes
URL Monitoring (With content check) Yes Yes
Custom SNMP monitoring Yes Yes
CLI Based Perf. Monitoring Yes Yes
Application Monitoring Yes Yes, via APM Plug-in
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Interfaces Monitoring for traffic, errors & discards Yes Yes, via SNMP & flow monitoring
CPU And Memory Utilization for Routers Yes Yes
Rediscover option for finding the interfaces newly added, deleted, modified etc. Yes Yes
Cisco IP SLA based WAN RTT Monitoring Yes Yes
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Network Configuration Management Yes Requires NCM add-on
Auto NCM Discovery from Monitor discovery Yes No
Device Template Yes Yes
Runbook Automation Yes Yes
Schedule automatic configuration backups Yes Yes
Push and revert configurations across multiple devices Yes Yes
Monitor configuration changes & receive alerts Yes Yes
Routine check on compliance for network devices Yes Yes
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Log Management support in single console Yes Requires separate product
Log Management for Windows, Linux, Application and Firewall Logs Yes Only Firewall logs are supported
Dynamic Log Parser Yes No
Live Log Tail Yes No
Surrounding Logs Yes No
Log Explorer and Analytics Yes Yes
Log Pattern Identification Yes No
Log Anomaly Detection Yes No
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
Support for Flow in single console Yes Requires separate Product
Supported Flow Protocols NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, NBar2 Yes
Automatic Flow data capture Yes* Yes
Flow Anomaly Detection Yes No
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
API based integration with the existing IT management ecosystem Yes Yes using REST API
Help Desk Integration Yes Yes, ServiceDesk Plus & Service Now
Failover – Hot standby engine Yes Yes
24×5 email and phone support Yes Yes
Functionality Motadata
OpManager Plus
30 day trial Yes Available
Support for distributed network Yes Yes, with Enterprise edition
Licensing- based on No. Of Devices/Instances monitored No. of devices/interfaces monitored

Reviews analysis of most common dislikes about ManageEngine OpManager

How are OpManager dislikes Measured

After assessing user reviews on G2, Gartner Peer Insights, and TrustRadius, We selected these reviews from reviewer responses to the survey question “What do you dislike most about ManageEngine OpManager?”. The displayed responses are curated from the most insightful negative review for “Dislikes” and converted them in % for better understanding.


of users are facing issue with network scanning.


of users have faced issues with user interface!


of users have expressed the need for 24/7 support.


of users find the upgrade process challenging.


of users face challenges in deployment and configuration.


of users express a need for broader device support.


of users find challenges in NetFlow analysis, citing cost and integration issues.


of users mention AI and automation features positively, indicating potential for further development.


of users express concerns related to licensing and cost.


of users express positive sentiments regarding innovation and updates.


of users mention educational resources positively, indicating room for improvement.

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Motadata AIOps comes with robust AI capabilities bringing automation and intelligence to IT operations. The best thing about this platform is the real-time analytics and smart alerting system that enhances incident resolution, ensuring a smooth operational experience. No doubt, I feel Motadata AIOps is a one-in-all powerful solution that streamlines IT operations and ensures IT excellence at each point.

David Stubbs

Information Technology Manager

ManageEngine OpManager Alternative