Gain the complete data control across multiple sources using AI powered analytics at any scale

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to ingest in one datalake – from metric, log, events and network telemetry data.

High performance purpose built datalake to ingest data from your hybrid infrastructure which improves ITOps, DevOps, SecOps

High performance
at scale

Motastore is purpose built scalable datalake with high speed data ingestion that increases response times by 10X.

Observability across network, infra & cloud

Run analytics from metrics, logs, traffic, and traces, irrespective of the source or type of data.

Get answers with Lightning-fast query

Get actionable insights that help you make smarter and faster decisions while troubleshooting hybrid infrastructure environment.

Instant visualization with real-time events of metrics, logs and traffic

It will be useless if it takes forever to do anything meaningful with data.

Get the right data, in the right formats, at the right time – with massive parallel processing, improve performance across your ITOps, DevOps & SecOps.

The only indexless schemaless datastore built for observability

Eliminate the need to create observability data control pipelines by leveraging advance filtering and analytics at scale.

Process terabytes of streaming, logs, and events data without worrying about the schema and indexing pain.

Lightning-fast query to get all the answers on the fly

Powerful yet easy to learn Motadata query language (MQL) that allows you to query and understand any type of data – be it metrics, logs, and streaming data.

Distributed MQL execution takes your data parsing, dashboarding and reporting to next level, helping you accelerate troubleshooting.

Power of one – Unified datastore to unify your dashboards

A highly scalable datalake that can accommodate massive amount of data ingestion and processing for ever-growing data volumes compared to other industry solutions.

Get contextful analytics for all the observability data. Empower your teams to monitor, debug and improve the entire hybrid infrastructure.

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