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Plugin Server Setup Guide

What is a Plugin?

A plug-in is a piece of code that integrates with our main server to perform a specific function. In the context of our product, a plugin is nothing but a .fp bundle (i.e. Kind of app, zip).

What is a Plugin Server?

Plugin server is a server which hosts/runs plugins. It is like our main server with a specialized purpose of running plugins. The main server will call a plugin server to execute specific plugin and get the desired output.

Plugin Server Setup

Enabling plugin capabilities in the server is a two step process:

Step 1: Install plugin server build

Step 2: Setting up a plugin server

Note: The plugin server can be setup in the main server or separately.

Install Plugin Server Build

Start your server and install the plugin server build into a directory:

For Ubuntu 20: Download Link

Plugin Server Configuration

  1. Open server terminal and go to the directory containing plugin_server_CI. First change permission with the following command.

sudo chmod 777 plugin_server_CI

Plugin Server
Plugin Server
  1. Initiate installation of the plugin server with the following command:
    sudo ./plugin_server_CI
Run Plugin installer
Run Plugin installer
  1. Wait for the installation to finish. You will get the below screen.
Installation Complete
Installation Complete
  1. Check the services of the installed Plugin using following command:
    systemctl status ft-plugin server