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Adding Work Log

The Work Log tab allows the analysts to record the activities they performed (along with the time frame).

Work Log tab
Work Log tab

Here, you can perform the following operations:

  1. Add a Work Log
  2. View the Work Log list
  3. Edit Work Log
  4. Delete Work Log

Adding a Work Log

To add a Work Log:

  1. Click the Add Work Log button. A popup appears.
Adding Work Log
Adding Work Log
  1. Enter all the details as shown below.
    • Technician: Select the technician for whom the work is to be logged.
    • Time Taken: Displays the duration of work as per the selected start date and end date.
    • Start Date: Select the date and time at which the work started.
    • End Date: Select the date and time at which the work ended.
    • Description: Enter the description of work done.
  2. Once done, click Add, and the created Work Log appears in the list.
  3. To edit, click the edit icon, and a popup appears. It displays the same parameters as in the Add section. You can change the required details and click Update.
  4. To delete, click the delete icon, and a confirmation dialog appears. Click Yes to continue or Cancel to stop the process.

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