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Service Catalog

Users rely on the Service Catalog to avail services from the IT department. Motadata provides an ITIL®-compliant service catalog solution that helps in streamlining the service management and to increase the opportunities for self-service.

What is an IT Service Catalog?

A Service Catalog is a pre-defined list of service items. The scope of each service item (on offer) is defined using a template. A customer interacts with a Service Item created from a template to avail the services from the IT department. Users (with admin right) can define the custom automation for each template.

A best-practice IT Service Catalog:

  • Is ITIL-compliant.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Improves reputation of the IT service department.
  • Provides an efficient engagement channel for standard services with or without authorizations.
  • Showcases the availability of services for business user consumption.
  • Improves the IT opportunities for service automation resulting in higher service delivery performance.

A Service Catalog focuses on what is currently available rather than be an archive for service items.

Use Cases

In the subsequent sections, a Service Item for an employee on-board (in Marketing) is created which the HR department of abc.Inc is going to use. In this scenario, a person from the HR department will interact with a Service Item (created from a Template called On-Board) to create the credentials for new joiners in the Marketing department.