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Product Types

A Product can be further categorized into Product Types. A Product Type is a generic category to group Products. For example, Router is a Product Type that describes Products like Asus, TP-Link, etc. In Motadata, you get a list of Product Types out of the box, but you can also add more types.

To view the Product Types page, navigate to Admin > Asset Management > Product Types.

Product Types Page
Product Types Page

Here, you can do the following:

  • Search: You can search for the required product type by entering the keyword.
  • Add Product Type: You can add a product type.
  • Edit: You can edit the details of the product type.
  • Delete: You can delete the product type if not required. You can delete only the custom product types and not the default.
  • No. Of Records: You can set the number of records to view on a single page. By default you can view 25 records per page. You can set it to 10 or 50 also.

Add Product Type

To add a product type,

  1. Click the Add Product Type button on the top-right corner of the page and a popup appears.
Add Product Type
Add Product Type
  1. Enter the below details:
    • Name: Enter the name of the product type. For example: Desktop.
    • Type: Select the type. The options are:
      • Asset: It is a thing that can provide value generally for more than a year. For example: A Laptop or computer.
      • Component: It refers to a functional part of an Asset. For example: A GPU card is a component that goes into a Desktop.
      • Consumable: It is a thing whose ability to deliver value gets exhausted within a short period, generally less than a year. For example: A Printer’s toner cartridge.
      • Others: Anything that doesn’t fall in the above three Types.
    • Category: Select the category of the product as IT or Non IT.
    • Description: Enter a short description about the product type.
  2. Once done, click Add.

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