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Start your AIOps journey with a Deep learning framework for IT Operations

Start your AIOps journey with
Deep Learning Framework for IT Operations (DFITTM)

Turn your data into powerful actionable insights using AI/ML and intelligent automation. Break the noise by capturing relevant data across thousands of data points and build context through compelling correlation.

One Platform, Complete Observability

Breakthrough the complexity of a modern IT infrastructure brought on by hybrid environments and cloud ecosystems through automated IT operations.

One agent for auto-discovery and collecting metrics, logs, and raw packets data from the entire IT stack.

Topology mapping to visualize the dependency between components and cloud services and keep a tap on the ever-changing relationships.

Gain insights from thousands of data points, all the way from the network through cloud service and application, to build better context. Establish what matters and what falls out of predictions by detecting the anomaly.

Scale observability across your stack and build a unified view for complete visibility of your hybrid infra.

Automate your ITOps for anomaly detection, intelligent alerts grouping, dependency processing, and integration with external systems.

A Comprehensive AIOps platform

Connect your front and back-end approaches to understand the impact of technological changes on your business; manage application lifecycles and end-user expectations with easy integrations.

Observability across your infrastructure to gain an understanding of end-user experience throughout all the channels.

Acquire data from a wide range of data points, filter out the noise, uncover blind spots showing anomalies, build a single context and empower your SREs.

Real-time log analytics simplifies troubleshooting of server-side errors, network issues, application traces-backs, and identify bottlenecks.

Automate the process of ticket generation and escalation with the native integration with ServiceOps and other ticketing platforms.

Modernize your IT Operation with context

Enable your IT infrastructure to be observable at a scale using our adaptive AI that doesn’t require training or learning and build better context for improved MTTR.

Discover the data that does not comply with expected and usual patterns. Establish what matters and falls out of patterns with Anomaly Detection.

Leverage advanced visualization and dashboarding to power-up monitoring and troubleshooting for NOC, Security, and IT team

Discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns from data and defined relationships between events.

AIOps Modules

Get powerful features and advanced facilities with the blend of AI/ML algorithms to grow your business and meet the rising challenges.

Network Observer

AI-Driven network insights for network traffic, performance, and security.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Achieve full-stack observability across the environments. Be it cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.

Log Analytics

Real-time insights and trend analysis into millions of log data at light speed.

A Proactive Network Monitoring Tool

45% Reduction in MTTD and MTTR

With the proactive alert system and an intelligent network, minimize the downtime and recovery time to resolve the issues.

38% Cost-saving compare to siloed tool

Get round-the-clock monitoring to stay alerted about configuration errors and changes in key metrics, saving cost compare to siloed tools.

25% Increase in operational efficiency

Resolve potential problems faster than ever and increase overall operation efficiency by focusing on what matters the most.

Motadata AI-Powered NMS

The Perfect Solution
For Automated Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor every bit of your IT infrastructure with a multi-vendor Network Management System.

  • Monitors & optimizes the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Monitors the network ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Provides customizable dashboards and widgets.
  • Provides actionable operational intelligence insights.

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Motadata NMS

Your One-Stop Solution for Entire IT Infrastructure

Motadata’s unified NMS services offer a highly scalable AI-driven solution for Service Assurance, Orchestration & Automation, enabling companies to meet their network management objectives. Motadata will also give you network observability with a comprehensive application and infrastructure perspective so you can find and fix issues quickly.


See how various business teams leverage Motadata to improve productivity and streamline internal processes to achieve larger organizational goals.


See how Motadata can help solve challenges for various use-cases with an aim to increase uptime and boost efficiency with AI/ML and automation.

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1200+ Assets Monitored and Managed

Motadata helped Emirates Healthcare to streamline IT operations with Smart Automation, to handle ...

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More than 27 GB of log data processed per day

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AIOps is an application made for AI-Driven IT operations. The incorporation of AI and ML makes the practice of monitoring and managing the advanced hybrid/dynamic environments less challenging. With algorithmic analysis on board, AIOps works with IT Ops and DevOps teams to better digital services and resolve the problems quickly before impacting business growth or customer satisfaction.

With the AI-Driven IT operations, the AIOps tools are turning more advanced and next-gen. The real-time data correlation provides smart insights, and the amalgamation of AI and ML performs pattern matching, forecasting, and anomaly detection. Proactive behavior and advanced automation can bring growth to any organization, resulting in the operation teams ensuring the uptime of critical services and offering a hassle-free user experience.

AIOps is a platform to perform IT operations rapidly and smartly. Natural languages collect data from any source and predict powerful insights. The functions operating with AI and ML drive anomaly detection and automated remediation. With real-time and constant monitoring, maintaining healthy behavior and resolving bottlenecks gets easy.