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Motadata AIOps

Experience Motadata AIOps to get deeper business insights

  • Network Observability

    Real-time monitoring and AI-driven correlation tools for analyzing an entire organization’s network

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Centralized observability platform for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructure

  • Log Analytics

    Analyze machine data to find trends and patterns to acquire actionable business insights

  • Network Automation

    Build Runbooks to continuously maximize network efficiency along with network virtualization

Motadata ServiceOps

Get Motadata ServiceOps to streamline IT service delivery

  • Service Desk

    Streamline IT service delivery through a virtual agent to improve service desk adoption

  • Asset Manager

    Never lose track of your IT and Non-IT assets and manage them from a single platform

  • Patch Manager

    Automate patch management and safeguard your endpoints from vulnerabilities

  • Conversational AI

    Reduce MTTR by leveraging an NLP-powered Highly Scalable Virtual Agent