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Example Scenario 2

To understand the Run Webhook workflow, you can consider the following scenario:

Create a workflow with the following statements:

  • Name: Run Webhook when location is not Asia.
  • Trigger Statement: When IP Address is changed.
  • Action for trigger statement: Run Webhook.
Run Webhook Workflow Scenario
Run Webhook Workflow Scenario

In the Run Webhook Action editor, configure the following parameters:

Run Webhook Action parameters
Run Webhook Action parameters
Parameter Description
Request Type Select the request type as Get or Post.
URL Enter the URL using which the Webhook will run.
Secure API Enable if the API is a secured API. If enabled, enter the username and password. By default, disabled.
Output Mappings
  • Key: Select the key to be mapped with the output.
  • Value: Enter the value of the key to be mapped.
Description Enter the description of the Webhook.

Once the details are filled, click done, and save the workflow.

Now, when the IP Address is changed, the Webhook gets executed, and you get to know from where the user has signed-in to the system.

Webhooks are API services that provide information whenever an event is triggered. Thus, with the help of this scenario you can track the location of the users.

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