Motadata Docs

Agent Overview

In Agent-based Monitoring, you can install a software called “agent” on a device, whether Linux-based or Windows-based so that Motadata AIOps can monitor the device through the agent. The agent installed on the device polls the data and sends it to Motadata AIOps on the main server for monitoring.

It is recommended that the agent be installed on not more than X devices.

Motadata’s Agent-based monitoring establishes communication between the Agent and AIOps Server to start monitoring the device with the agent. Agents are programs that run on remote machines and send the data to the master AIOps server. The Agent constantly monitors the devices and sends the required data at a specific time interval to the AIOps server.

Once the agent is installed on a device, it is registered as an agent-monitored device on the AIOps server. The device must have a unique hostname to be registered for monitoring as AIOps uses the hostname of a device to identify it.

Advantages of Agent-based monitoring with Motadata AIOps:

  • Real-time polling

The agent allows you to collect and process real-time metrics from the device as the agent has a polling interval of only 1 second.

  • No monitoring downtime

In case the communication link between the agent and the Motadata AIOps is lost, the monitoring data won’t be lost as it will be stored in the agent for up to X hours.

  • Better Performance

Monitor the entire infrastructure by eliminating performance issues.

  • Easy monitoring setup

You simply need to install an agent in your device to start monitoring the data. No authentication is required in this case.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Quickly access the needed information from the system, contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Robust data collection

Even if the IP address of a device is variable, data monitoring won’t stop as the agent is physically installed on the device.