IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

An AI-Driven
Infrastructure Monitoring

Full-stack Monitoring across On-Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid Infrastructure.

Deep Visibility Combined with
Full-stack Monitoring and Analytics

With a single and common platform for monitoring, log indexing, visualizing, and alerting on all events across your hybrid infra, we help IT operations leaders deliver better business outcomes through Data-Driven intelligence. Discover and monitor the cloud services, VMs, containers, networks, devices, logs, events, and much more under one advanced AI-powered platform.


Nothing Stays Unmonitored

Motadata AIOps provides extensive data collection capabilities both with the agent and agent-less methods across your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

  • Access monitoring apps for thousands of devices and technologies across your network, server, application, and cloud layer.
  • Collect everything with an agent or agent-less collection including metrics, logs, events, traffic, and streaming data.
  • Eliminate point monitoring tools by bringing all your monitoring data to one place to gain deep visibility.


Faster Deployment and Auto Configuration

With auto-discovery and pre-defined monitoring apps, your hybrid infra resources are seamlessly added to Motadata AIOps in real-time.

  • Topology Views: See continuously changing IT relationships based on discovery protocols and even network traffic conversations.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Comprehensive visualization and dashboard capabilities that take your monitoring experience to the next level that requires no query language.
  • Advance Data Explorers: Advanced and AI-Driven data explorers help you understand data and track the impact of every metric/process running in your stack.


The Right Signals

DevOps and IT teams need the right event context to confidently identify the critical and the not-so-critical issues

  • Machine learning-powered alerting gives capabilities to extract meaningful insight to separate signals from noise.
  • Real-time scanning for auto-discovery and dependency mapping to correlate IT service dependencies.
  • Low-level data collection on agents – as low as per second for rapid identification and resolution.

Level up your Infrastructure Monitoring with
Motadata AIOps

Agent/Agent-less Collection

Effortlessly collect, process, and correlate your metrics, log messages, and events at one central location – network devices, computers, virtualization, and cloud in one truly unified view


The lightning-fast auto-discovery and configurations make you up and running in minutes. Monitor resource utilization and critical metrics in Pre-defined & Customizable dashboards

AI Classification

By combining machine learning and analytics, you are powered to extract signals from alert noise. Built-in ML algorithms provide anomaly detection and actionable insight

Motadata AI-Powered NMS

The Perfect Solution
For Automated Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor every bit of your IT infrastructure with a multi-vendor Network Management System.

  • Get end-to-end performance monitoring.
  • Provides complete 360-degree visibility.
  • Provides a single dashboard for all metrics.
  • Gives actionable operational intelligence insights.

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Service Desk Technologies

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Infrastructure Monitoring powered by Motadata monitors anything and everything that makes your infrastructure healthy and smart, and your business grow.

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Motadata NMS

Your One-Stop Solution for Entire IT Infrastructure

Motadata’s unified NMS services offer a highly scalable AI-driven solution for Service Assurance, Orchestration & Automation, enabling companies to meet their network management objectives. Motadata will also give you network observability with a comprehensive application and infrastructure perspective so you can find and fix issues quickly.


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1200+ Assets Monitored and Managed

Motadata helped Emirates Healthcare to streamline IT operations with Smart Automation, to handle ...

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More than 27 GB of log data processed per day

Bharti Airtel, A leading global telecommunications company selected Motadata for its unified feat...

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Infrastructure monitoring is a process that involves collecting and analyzing data from various sources to identify potential problems, such as performance issues or security breaches. As a result, monitoring the organization’s infrastructure assures system availability, good health, and minimum downtime.

Quality of Service (QoS) defines any company’s growth, and it depends on how well the infrastructure is managed and monitored. The various components like connected devices, networks, applications, servers, storage, operating system make the infrastructure one comprehensive ecosystem to monitor. Monitoring the infrastructure makes it easy to find the root cause of any failure and resolve the same before users face any downtime.

Despite measuring the time and cost-effectiveness, the infrastructure monitoring solution depends on various metrics such as the type of organization, infrastructure, requirements, etc. As businesses evolve, the more robust and firm business needs to stand, the more advanced and evolutionary the monitoring solution it has to be. A good monitoring solution should be able to monitor the heart and soul of the operations and resolve the potential failures.

By monitoring infrastructure, the solution helps reduce the cost by minimizing the downtime and improving the uptime. A fewer number of vulnerabilities secures the infrastructure and enhances customer satisfaction. In addition, by improving the response time and resolving more fatal errors, the monitoring practice helps improve productivity.