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Auto Assignment

When a new request comes, it is an open request, and not assigned to any technician. To prevent a pile of unattended requests, you can automatically assign them to the desired technicians. The system filters a set of technicians before applying the logic.

The conditions to filter the technicians are:

  • Based on the Technician Group: If the technician group is selected, the system will consider all the technicians in that group for Auto Assignment.
  • Based on the Technician Assigned: If the assignee is not defined, then only Auto Assignment will evaluate the request.
  • Based on Roles and Permissions: If no group or assignee is defined, the system will consider all the technicians who can access the request (even a small edit privilege is enough).
  • Based on Excluded List: The system will not consider the technicians listed in the excluded list.


To configure the Auto Assignment settings,
Navigate to Admin > Automation > Auto Assignment and the page appears.

Auto Assignment Menu
Auto Assignment Menu
Auto Assignment Settings
Auto Assignment Settings

You can set the following options:

  • Manual: The system will not do anything when a new request comes. Technicians have to manually investigate the requests and assign to fellow technicians.
  • Round Robin: The system will assign the request to all the technicians one by one in a round robin fashion. For example: If there are 5 technicians, the system will assign 5 requests one by one to each technician. For the 6th request, again the system will start assigning to the first technician.
  • Smart Balance: The system will assign the request to the technician who has the least number of opened requests.
  • Excluded Technicians: You can select the Technicians you wish to exclude from getting the tickets assigned automatically.
  • Consider only Logged in Technicians: Enable this flag if you wish to consider only those technicians who are ‘Logged In’ for the Auto Assignment.

Once done, click Update, and the settings will get applied to the new requests.


  • The Auto Assignment works only on the new requests. It does not assign technicians to the existing open tickets.
  • The Auto Assignment should be a one time job and set while configuring the system. Doing it at a later stage can leave a huge pile of requests unattended.
  • For both Round Robin and Smart Balance only logged in technicians will be considered in Auto Assignment if the flag is Enabled. By default, it is disabled.
  • The Smart Balance will function only if the Support Level is assigned to a technician from Admin > User > Technicians page.
  • The option set over here will be overridden if a Workflow or Scenario related to Auto Assignment is configured.