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Asking for Approval

An approval process makes sure that there are no unauthorized actions. You can ask for an approval only if a technician is assigned to the change. For some, the approvals can be mandatory to process a change.

You can initiate an approval from the Change Details page. To do this:

  1. Click on the vertical three dots at the top-right corner of the Change Details page. It will open a dropdown menu.
  2. Select Ask for Approval option as shown below.
Ask for Approval option
Ask for Approval option
  1. A popup will open to create the approval. Fill in the details.
Ask Approval Form
Ask Approval Form
Parameter Description
Set Individual Decision Type Select the type of decision.

  • Unanimous: Everybody selected as approver has to approve the request.
  • Majority: Majority of approvers should approve the request.
  • Any One: Any one approver can approve the request.
  • First Approval: If selected, the first approval received (Approved or Reject) will be considered and the rest will be ignored. For example, If 3 approvers are set and if the first approval received is Approved, then this is considered. The approvals from the rest of the approvers will be Ignored, though rejection is received later from other approvers.
Subject Default subject is ‘Approval Required for – Request ID’. You can replace it with your own subject.
Requester Group Select the requester group whose members can give the approval.
Technician Group Select the technician group whose members can give the approval.
Set Approvers to Select the approvers if you want specific people to approve.
Description Type the description so approvers can gain sufficient information about the approval required.
Requester’s Manager Enable if the approval of the requester’s manager is required.
Assignee’s Manager Enable if the approval of the assignee’s manager is required.
Department Head Enable if the approval of the department head is required.
Add Stage If the approval process is a multi-level process, click on Add Stage to add another approval form. For example: When someone needs a new laptop, first the manager should approve. Secondly, IT department should approve, and then the hardware shop should approve as the 3rd level approver.
  1. Once all the details are provided, click Create. The created approval appears in the Approvals tab. If Skip is clicked, the change gets pre-approved and the status is displayed next to the Add Tag option as shown below. The pre-approved changes are not displayed in the Approvals tab.
Pre-Approved Change
Pre-Approved Change

The Approvals tab displays all the approvals done or pending for the change. From this tab, you can also ignore and remind the approvers for the approvals. As an approver, you can view, approve, and reject the approvals from My Approvals menu.

Pending Approvals

The list of pending approvals for a change is visible in the Approvals tab. You can ignore the approval if no longer needed, or can remind the approver to take an action on it.

Note: The Approvals tab is visible only when there is a pending approval for the change.
Pending Approvals
Pending Approvals
  • Add Comments: You can add comments related to the approval change.
    • Search Comments: The search works on the content of the tab. It matches your query with all the content (that technicians have entered) to find the results.
    • Sort: You can sort all the comments in ascending or descending order.
Options in the Approval tab
Options in the Approval tab

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