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Solve Network Challenges with
Next-Generation Network Observability

Break data silos and achieve end-to-end visibility of your network performance, SNMP data, Network Flow, and log data. Effectively monitor and analyze your network across on-premise to cloud infrastructure.


Visibility into Your Data

Whether multi-cloud or Hybrid infrastructure, capture your ever-increasing amount of steaming, traffic data to identify anomalies that affect your business goals.

  • Metric: Capture critical metrics and perform drill-downs.
  • Traffic: Track utilization from ingress to egress via Network Flow.
  • Routing: Troubleshoot issues fast before they affect performance.
  • Logs: Parse through the logs of your network devices for actionable insights.


Same Platform. More Capability. Complete Visibility

Get unified, scalable observability and analytics powered by machine learning, across your hybrid infrastructure comprising network devices, virtualization, applications, and cloud Infra.

  • Monitoring network service performance: Increase the service quality of your network by accurately modeling the data flow between nodes and identifying anomalies before they turn into issues.
  • Monitor traffic, routing, and end-user experience: Quickly identify delayed response time in traffic to client-side applications.
  • Log analytics with context: Troubleshoot issues fast before they affect performance.
  • Logs: Get real-time insight and trends from millions of network device log entries.


Built to Detect the Undetectable – Events

Our causation base AI-Engine gathers data points, performs correlation, and does dependency mapping, so you can come with the best answers as to why certain events have happened.

  • Dependency Map: Gain complete insight into the communication between services, application usage patterns, and unusual critical events.
  • Auto-Discovery: Auto-discover new components – without box support for Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, HP, Fortinet, and many more.
  • Rich Insights: Reduce data noise for better insight with machine learning-based alerts.

What positions Motadata AIOps as a standout among the premier network monitoring tools available in the market?

In a crowded market of network monitoring tools, Motadata AIOps distinguishes itself through its intelligent and future-proof approach. The Network Observability tool leverages the power of AI to monitor your network and predict and prevent problems before they occur. This helps you achieve unmatched scalability for your growing network needs, while its open architecture and integration capabilities ensure a unified view of your entire IT environment.

Critical Components of an Effective
Network Monitoring Tool

Efficiency is everything in IT, and the right network monitoring tool can save you time, money, and headaches. If you are choosing a network monitoring tool for your IT infrastructure, here are some critical features to look into. These features will not only address your current needs but also adapt to your growing IT environment, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

Real-time Visibility and Monitoring

If you discover network issues only after receiving user complaints, it is already too late to fix them. With a strong monitoring tool, you can gain constant insights into your network health, allowing you to identify and address performance bottlenecks before they disrupt operations.

This proactive approach helps you avoid performance hiccups and outages and respond quickly in case a potential network issue flares up.

AI-powered Insights and Automation

Move beyond basic monitoring and leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence for your network monitoring. With AIOPs, you can analyze vast amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, predict potential problems, and even automate routine tasks.

This helps your infrastructure and administration teams get a secondary pair of eyes, constantly analyzing and optimizing your network performance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your network is constantly evolving, and your monitoring tool should adapt seamlessly. A scalable tool can handle growth in network size and complexity without compromising performance.

Flexibility allows you to monitor a diverse range of devices, protocols, and applications, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your IT infrastructure.

Integration and Openness

Modern networks are complex ecosystems, and your monitoring tool shouldn’t exist in a silo. Integration with existing tools and platforms allows you to get a unified view of all your organization’s networks.

This openness ensures compatibility with various devices and technologies, future-proofing your network management capabilities.

Security and Compliance

In the age of rising dependence on digital infrastructure, your network has to be secure from potential hacks or cybersecurity issues. Thus, opt for network security software with strong security features that can help you safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Key Features of Motadata Network Monitoring Tool

Motadata AIOps Network Monitoring tool has the following features:

  • End-To-End Layer Topology

    Effortlessly visualize your entire network infrastructure with automated device discovery. Motadata AIOps automatically identifies and maps all connected devices, providing a clear understanding of your network layout.

  • Alerts For Loss Of Availability

    You will be notified of any device outages or network disruptions via your preferred channel, such as email, SMS, or push notification. This ensures that you are always aware of critical network events, even when you’re on the go.

  • Network Flow Traffic Analysis

    Go beyond basic bandwidth monitoring and gain deep insights into network traffic patterns. Analyze application usage and user behavior and identify potential security threats, improving application performance and creating better user experiences.

  • Network Performance Monitoring

    Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as latency, packet loss, and jitter in real time. This allows you to identify potential bottlenecks and proactively address performance issues before they disrupt users.

  • VPN Monitoring (Ipsec/SSL)

    Ensure the health and stability of your VPN connections with comprehensive IPsec and SSL monitoring capabilities. By proactively monitoring your VPN connections, you can identify and address security vulnerabilities, safeguarding your network and sensitive data.

  • Metric Drilldowns

    Gain granular insights into network performance by exploring historical data and trends associated with specific metrics. This empowers you to make informed decisions for network optimization.

  • Service Checks

    Monitor the health and performance of critical network services to ensure they are functioning optimally. With Service Checks, you can receive instant notification if any service experiences an outage or performance degradation. This allows you to take instant action and minimizes downtime for users and applications.

  • Syslog Analysis

    Take your Syslog monitoring to the next level with Motadata AIOps. Our inbuilt dynamic parsers effortlessly categorize these logs, enabling you to quickly pinpoint specific events. With our advanced log analytics, gain valuable insights into your network infrastructure and identify issues proactively to ensure optimal network performance.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Leverage the power of AI to identify unusual network behavior and potential security threats. Motadata AIOps seamlessly integrates with your existing IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, enabling you to automatically generate incident tickets for detected anomalies. Since ITSM uses a process-based approach to tackle anomalies, the combination of industry best practices and AI detection helps businesses improve and implement supporting services.

    This streamlines your workflow and ensures efficient incident management, allowing your IT team to quickly investigate and resolve potential issues.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Motadata AIOps uses AI and machine learning to analyze vast amounts of data and pinpoint the root cause of network issues quickly and efficiently. By integrating with your Network Configuration Management (NCM) tool, Motadata can automatically correlate network events with configuration changes, helping you identify the exact cause of the problem and expedite resolution. This translates to faster restoration of service, minimized downtime, and a more stable network environment.

Extensive Monitoring Functionalities

With Motadata’s comprehensive cloud network monitoring tool, you can continuously monitor your network for any issues or anomalies, helping you detect issues instantly and take proactive steps. Our AIOps platform goes beyond traditional network monitoring, offering a comprehensive suite of functionalities to ensure complete visibility and control over your network.

Compare with

Best Network Monitoring Tools in the Market

While there are many network monitoring tools available, Motadata AIOps offers a unique advantage. Its combination of AI-powered intelligence, unmatched scalability, and a unified monitoring experience sets it apart from any other tool in the market.

See how Motadata stacks up against the competition:

See how Motadata stacks up against the competition:

  • vs. ManageEngine OpManager
  • vs. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Seamless Integration With Your Favorite
Service Desk Technologies

Explore Network Observer

Network Observer by Motadata is built with cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML, making it one smart and advanced Network Observer among others in the market.

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Network Observer is a monitoring tool that keeps an eye on the entire organization’s network and connected devices, alerts the admin team in case of any failure, maintains the network’s good health, and keeps it up and running.

With the increasing number of devices in the enterprise, it becomes hard to monitor them and ensure bandwidth utilization. This puts immense pressure on the IT teams to get things better and resolve the thresholds. In such situations, it is better to have a Network Observer on hand, which can be handy and fix the problems before they cause any damage and maintain the overall network’s health as well.

A smart Network Observer should be able to report to the admin teams about the status of all the connected devices, their whereabouts, bandwidth utilization, network health, and much more. It communicates with the network devices through SNMP, and the intelligent alert system saves the system from damage.

Network monitoring is the continuous process of observing and analyzing the performance, health, and availability of a computer network. It involves collecting data from various network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, and servers to identify potential problems and ensure smooth network operation.

A network monitoring software collects data from various network devices, including information about device health, traffic patterns, resource utilization, and error logs. The software then analyzes the collected data and compares it to pre-defined thresholds or baselines. If any metric falls outside the acceptable range, the software triggers alerts to notify IT admins about potential problems.

Network monitoring software helps businesses to proactively identify and troubleshoot network problems before they can make a significant impact. This includes taking steps to optimize resource allocation, enhance security, and provide data for making informed decisions about your network infrastructure. These proactive steps empower IT teams to manage networks efficiently and minimize disruptions.