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System Requirements

  • Windows 8 and above versions (Windows 10 recommended).
  • Windows OS (64 bit)
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Processor 1 GHz
  • Minimum Disk Space 6 GB


  • If Windows OS is 7 or 8, install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 package and hotfix based on the machine configuration.
  • Currently the Poller service is supported for Windows machine only.

Windows OS (64bit): Click Here


Step 1: Download the latest poller service setup file (.msi) using the above link.

Step 2: Once downloaded, run the file, and the following “Motadata ServiceOps Poller Setup” wizard appears.

Motadata ServiceOps Poller Setup Wizard
Motadata ServiceOps Poller Setup Wizard

Click Next.

Step 3: In Select Installation Folder, browse, and select the folder in which the poller service should be installed, and click Next.

Select Installation Folder
Select Installation Folder

Step 4: In Configuration, enter the server URL and activation code details.

  • Protocol: Select the protocol as HTTP or HTTPS.
  • URL: Enter the URL of your ServiceOps Portal.
  • Port: Enter the port number. It is optional.
  • Activation Code: Enter the agent activation code. You can take this code from the License Details tab of the ServiceOps Portal.

Once done, click Next.


Step 5: In Ready to Install, click Install and the installation process begins.

Ready to Install
Ready to Install

Step 6: Click Finish.


Once the installation is completed your assets will get discovered in ServiceOps in the next scan cycle. The discovered asset will appear in the Hardware Assets List page.