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List Page

The list page displays all the workflows available in the system.
To view the list page, navigate to Admin > Automation > Workflow.

Workflow Option in Admin Settings
Workflow Option in Admin Settings
Workflow List Page
Workflow List Page

From this page, you can do the following tasks:

  1. Search Workflow: Search the workflows using keywords. This is a simple search that matches the keywords as it is.
  2. Create Workflow: Create a new workflow using triggers, conditions, and actions. The newly created workflow appears on the top.
  3. Grid: Displays the details of the workflows.
  4. Enable/Disable Workflow: Enable or disable the workflows that you want to use or do not want to use. By default, a new workflow is always in enabled state.
  5. Change Priority: Change the priority of the workflow. They will execute as per the order.
  6. Duplicate: Use the existing workflow to create a new one. It helps in modifying the existing workflow without breaking it.
  7. Edit Workflow: Edit the existing workflow to make changes in it. The page is exactly similar to the create page.
  8. Delete Workflow: Delete the workflow if not required.


The grid displays the following details:

Field Description
Name Displays name of the workflow. You can also click on it to view the edit page and make changes if required.
Type Displays the type of the workflow. It is either event or periodic.
Trigger Displays the statement that triggers the workflow.
Created Date Displays the date and time when the workflow was created.
Enabled Displays whether the workflow is enabled or disabled.
Actions Displays the list of available actions for the workflow. The options are:

  • Change Priority: Click and hold the snow-flakes icon to drag and change the priority of the workflow.
  • Duplicate: Click on the icon to duplicate the workflow. You will be redirected to create workflow page and conditions or actions will be pre-filled.
  • Edit: Click the icon to view and modify the workflow details.
  • Delete: Click on the icon to delete the workflow. The system will ask for a confirmation. Click Yes to continue or No to stop the process.

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