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Asset Groups

Motadata allows you to categorize Assets in the CMDB into groups. Groups are a convenient way to differentiate Assets based on certain similarities.

Some of the benefits of using Asset Groups are:

  • Asset Groups help Technicians to manage Assets in the Management of Configuration Databases. For Example: if a Technician is responsible for an Asset Group called DATA CENTER ASSETS then one can easily search for the Assets within the group name.
  • Groups are used in Hardware Asset notification. For Example: In case there is a Hardware change in a specific Asset Group then a notification is sent to certain users.

To view the Asset Groups page, navigate to Admin > Asset Management > Asset Groups and the list page appears.

List Page

The list page displays a list of asset groups already created. You can view, add, edit, and delete the asset groups. You can also search and view the details of the asset groups.

Asset Groups Page
Asset Groups Page
  • Search: You can search for the required asset group based on keywords
  • Create: You can create an Asset Group.
  • Edit: You can edit the details of the asset group.
  • Delete: You can delete the asset group if no longer required.
  • View: You can view the assets associated to the group by clicking on the eye icon.
View Assets of Asset Group
View Assets of Asset Group

Add Asset Group

To add an asset group,

  1. Click the Create Asset Group button on the top-right corner of the page and a popup appears.
Create Asset Group
Create Asset Group
  1. Enter the below details:
    • Name: Enter the name of Asset Group.
    • Owner: Select the owner of the asset group from the technician list.
    • Asset Group Emails: Add the email addresses of the users.
    • Description: Enter a short description of the asset group.
  2. Once done, click Create, and the Asset Group gets added to the list page.