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Adding Comments

Comments section is available on the details popup in the second tab. Comments helps you to communicate with the audience. By commenting, you can highlight issues or ask questions. You can comment on any task whether it is Open, Closed, In progress or Resolved state.

Comments Tab
Comments Tab

Here, you can do the following:

  • Search Comments: Search the comments using the keywords. It is a simple search that matches your query with the comment body.
  • Sort Comments: Sort the comments from oldest to newest or vice versa. By default, the comments are arranged in the reverse chronological order.
  • Create Comments: Click on the comment icon to create a new comment as shown below. All the concerned persons (you and to whom the task is assigned) will get an email notification. You can also attach the files with the comment.
Adding a Comment
Adding a Comment
Note: Once a comment is added, it cannot be deleted.

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