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Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fast, reliable, scalable, and fully managed message queuing service.


aws.sqs.oldest.message.age.seconds The approximate age of the oldest non-deleted message in the queue. Count
aws.sqs.delayed.messages The number of messages in the queue that are delayed and not available for reading immediately. This can happen when the queue is configured as a delay queue or when a message has been sent with a delay parameter. Count
aws.sqs.hidden.messages The number of messages that are in flight. Messages are considered in flight if they have been sent to a client but have not yet been deleted or have not yet reached the end of their visibility window. Count
aws.sqs.visible.messages The number of messages available for retrieval from the queue. Count
aws.sqs.empty.messages The number of ReceiveMessage API calls that did not return a message. Count
aws.sqs.deleted.messages The number of messages deleted from the queue. Count
aws.sqs.received.messages The number of messages returned by calls to the ReceiveMessage API action. Count
aws.sqs.sent.messages The number of messages added to a queue. Count
aws.sqs.sent.bytes The size of messages added to a queue. Count

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