Network Performance Management

Proactively monitor the network performances, discover the network performance issues, and resolve them before they impact user experience. Maintain high availability and obtain healthy network enterprise with Motadata AIOps.

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Any IT enterprise requires a robust and highly available network to perform its routine operations. However, network-related issues can disturb the overall user experience, leaving customers unsatisfied. That is why monitoring and analyzing the network operations and maintaining a healthy performance are crucial. Motadata, a network performance monitoring, helps your enterprise maintain high availability with your network and keep your business up and running.

A healthy network carries efficient network operations, keeping network performance efficient. By proactively monitoring the network performances, you can discover the network performance issues and resolve them before they make any impact on user experience. The monitoring practice helps you diagnose and troubleshoot the occurring faults and optimize the network performance to execute better network operations efficiently.

Network Performance Analytics

Motadata collects the activity data from multiple resources such as SNMP, packet agents, Flow data, network devices, etc. It analyses the data and helps network administrators optimize network operations. It also supports a wide range of flow technologies such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, etc.

You can get information about data transmission and the concerned network devices. Flow data contains information about transmitting data between network devices such as routers and firewalls. SNMP-enabled devices help you with complete visibility into your enterprise network and efficient network operations. By capturing the packet data transmitted from physical layers, you can track the security events and incident responses, helping you troubleshoot network operations efficiently.

Monitor Network Devices Health

You can keep a tab on all your devices performances, such as server performance, switches performance, and router performance. This information helps you ensure that your devices are available at all times. The metrics to measure while monitoring performance can be packet loss, CPU and memory utilization, etc. These metrics help you keep your network devices healthy.

Network Devices Health

There are multiple ways to diagnose the issues, such as ping and trace route. It also supports Syslog monitoring and trap alerts to notify the network admin whenever something goes wrong.

Network Configuration Management

It is important to have all the configuration details of network devices of your enterprise architecture. Modifications in network configurations by unauthorized personnel increase security threats, making the network and enterprise more vulnerable.

You can back up the network configurations which can help restore in the event of security breaches or data loss. Furthermore, you can automate such tasks with the help of scripts, templates, and Runbooks. In addition, Motadata offers configlets, making it efficient to manage network configurations.

Network Observability with Motadata AIOps

It is essential to have healthy network devices to carry out healthy network operations and have customers happy with their experience. Motadata AIOps is an advanced and AI-ML-enabled network monitoring tool that helps enterprises monitor the critical key performance metrics of network devices and perform efficient network operations. The wide range of features also predicts potential issues and prevents hazardous damages.

Break data silos and achieve end-to-end network performance visibility, SNMP data, Network Flow, and log data. Effectively monitor and analyze network across on-premise to cloud infrastructure.

  • Network Performance Reports: Get customized reports for the key metrics such as downtime, CPU and memory usage, bandwidth utilization, etc. The reports help you get complete visibility across your network enterprise and perform concrete decisions.
    Network Devices Usage
  • Network Performance Dashboards: The on-demand and detailed dashboards offer details about devices’ whereabouts, health, performance, etc. Set alerts based on a specific threshold to notify network admins before the error cause any damage.
    NPM Dashboard
  • Proactive Network Performance: Rather than reacting to the issue, monitor proactively network performance to prevent the infrastructure from facing inevitable losses, saving employees time, effort and money.


There are five major network management operational areas: fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management.

The quality of Network performance showcases the service quality offered by the network. There are various ways to measure network performance, depending on the network design and architecture. Here are the key metrics to measure to monitor network performance.

  • Latency
  • Bandwidth
  • Jitter
  • Throughput

Network performance management helps troubleshoot network issues and helps network admins ensure good network health, availability, and efficient network operations. Motadata AIOps helps visualize network devices and provides complete visibility across the network devices, ensuring every device’s whereabouts.