PostgreSQL Monitoring

Get in-depth insights into your database operations and display the parameters of key performance metrics of PostgreSQL servers. Motadata AIOps helps you Identify performance bottlenecks and resolve them with root cause analysis.

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With the ongoing network complexity, business requirements, and customer expectations, enterprise networks have evolved and started building an architecture with various network devices. PostgreSQL is one of the scalable database systems and can operate services to several concurrent users at a time. Furthermore, as PostgreSQL offers a refined design, it does not require many human interventions to keep the server up and running.

PostgreSQL monitoring is essential when the enterprise is performing high-octane operations, and continuous availability is a compulsion. Motadata AIOps helps monitor the PostgreSQL database, and network admins maintain key performance metrics of the network devices and database centers.

Monitor Key Performance Metrics of PostgreSQL

Motadata AIOps provides in-depth insights into your database operations and displays the parameters of key performance metrics. For example, you can track the slow database performances and monitor the number of active connections with the database at a particular time.

In addition, the comprehensive dashboards provide all the information on PostgreSQL servers’ activity and performance status. It contains in-depth details of buffer statistics, Disk Bock details, transactions, connections, queries, cache, etc.

PostgreSQL Dashboard

The dashboard also displays the indexes, Table spaces and Replication, providing complete visibility into PostgreSQL database architectures. In addition, the database sessions offer details of server processes, connections between the database and applications, and active and blocking sessions.

PostgreSQL Dashboard

With PostgreSQL Monitoring, Motadata not only monitors the overall database health and availability, but it also offers detailed PostgreSQL monitoring by collecting the performance metrics responsible for long waits, cache, slow queries, disk usage, etc.

Resolve Issues and Get Comprehensive Reports

With Motadata AIOps on board, you can set the dynamic baselines to detect the anomalies and outliers in the database performances, which can eventually cause performance degradation and unexpected downtimes. It also lets you configure thresholds for the critical performance parameters and sends you an instant alert whenever there are bottlenecks. Then, with the help of root cause analysis, you can resolve the issues faster and drill down to the sources of the problems.

It is not just a PostgreSQL monitoring solution, but it also analyses the monitored database parameters and offers you detailed reports. The comprehensive reports provide the historical performance report of your database and an analysis of the performance trends of your database parameters. It also predicts future growth, helping you make confident decisions and perform capacity planning.

Comprehensive PostgreSQL Monitoring

  • Easily Adaptable: Motadata AIOps lets you customize the process of PostgreSQL monitoring with minimal effort. It is easily adaptable to new approaches and monitors the server’s health with remote actions to resolve any server issues immediately.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The PostgreSQL Monitoring solution is designed to require minimal maintenance and meet the standard requirements. It retains various options and offers stability and efficient performance. In addition, Motadata’s monitoring solution is quite advanced in identifying problems and network outages, making the network admin’s job easy.
  • Compatible: Apart from offering compatibility and flexibility, Motadata also monitors the health and availability of hosted servers and tracks the usage in line with the available capacity and anticipated trends. It also takes care of the database’s health and utilizes remote conduct to work on the issues that matter the most.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: As it is designed with AI-ML capabilities, intelligent alerts are helpful in troubleshooting issues quickly and monitoring the availability of heterogeneous servers. It maps the problems with applications, virtual machines, and storage volumes to identify the root cause easily.

Motadata AIOps: A Complete Monitoring Solution

Databases function with the help of queries. Therefore, monitoring the PostgreSQL database queries becomes essential to ensure the database is up and running round the clock. Motadata helps you monitor the Postgre queries, which are critical to measuring the database activity and health.

Monitoring PostgreSQL queries helps you identify the performance bottlenecks across the network and resolve them with the details of the root cause of the issues. As Motadata AIOps is designed on a Deep Learning Framework, it maps the data with applications with the help of historical data, making it easier to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.


PostgreSQL database is used as a primary data store or a data warehouse for web, mobile, geospatial or analytics applications.

PostgreSQL monitoring is a process of monitoring each PostgreSQL database instance activities. A PostgreSQL monitor keeps track of key performance metrics of database activities and alerts the network admin whenever something goes wrong.