Linux Server Monitoring

Monitor your Linux server to improve network performance and enhance operational management. Analyze critical performance metrics and obtain better health and high availability with Motadata AIOps.

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Linux comes with its own flexibility and range of capabilities, making it one of the most used operating systems for IT enterprises. Thus, it is essential to monitor the Linux server when your network’s performance and operations management depend on them.

Motadata AIOps, an advanced and robust network performance monitoring solution, helps you monitor your server’s CPU, memory, and network health metrics efficiently. It not only monitors your Linux servers but also analyzes the server’s performance and alerts you about potential server issues.

SNMP & SSH Based Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

With the help of SNMP and SSH credentials, Motadata AIOps monitors the Linux servers and devices across the system. The SNMP and SSH commands help collect the metrics data from the network devices and represent insightful information about the Linux Server’s performances.

Motadata AIOps automatically detects the baseline performance of your Linux server based on your CPU usage, memory and disk usage, IOPS, response time, and Network transmission rates. As a result, it provides you a comprehensive overview of Linux server infrastructure and helps you with complete visibility across your Linux Server.

Linux Log Monitoring

Motadata AIOps helps you centralize all Linux Server logs at a centralized location, which makes discovering the root cause of any problems easier. It collects logs from Linux systems, applications, and Syslog data, analyzes them, and learns the performance behavior.

It also sends you an alert from the collected insights whenever an unusual log pattern is discovered. The historical log data helps correlate events and provide complete visibility into issues.

Key Performance Metrics for Linux Server Network

By monitoring the key performance metrics, Motadata AIOps helps your server perform efficiently and keep your server up and running all the time. Metrics such as CPU usage, system load, disk utilization, memory utilization, and process signify your network’s overall performance and health. Server performance monitoring helps you keep your Linux server operating efficiently.

Key Performance Metrics for Linux Server Network

With the complex architecture, monitoring the key metrics and debugging the Linux performance issues can be challenging for network administrators. Motadata AIOps helps you ensure optimal performance of various network elements such as application servers, web servers, containers, databases, VMs, etc.

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards

Motadata AIOps analyzes the historical performance trends of Linux servers and forecasts and predicts the growth and utilization of Linux servers with the help of AI-ML abilities. Capacity planning and proper utilization help you make confident decisions to enhance your overall performance.

Linux network monitoring offers you detailed and rich insightful reports help you gain visibility into your Linux servers and network architecture. In addition, the reports provide an overview of your entire network operations, performance, and health.

Health and Availability Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps comes with a range of capabilities and a list of features. You can monitor the critical metrics of your Linux server and obtain maximum health and availability of your Linux servers. The detailed metrics help drill down the performance statistics and resolve them, making servers’ performance more efficient.

The unified platform provides a one-stop solution for network admins to track disk I/O utilization, network traffic, and process details. Analyze the overall health of your clusters and Data nodes and detect the abnormal growth of files/directories with an exclusive dashboard. This simplifies the overall Linux server monitoring practice.

Motadata AIOps helps compare the performance across the processes and identify the performance bottlenecks. It also helps discover the root cause of the issues fasters and efficiently to minimize the risk associated with performance outages.

Motadata AIOps is a full-fledged, all-in-one monitoring solution that provides a holistic approach for your IT enterprise. It leverages your overall performance and offers the best user experience that enhances your business value and growth. This is possible with Motadata AIOps’ plethora of monitoring statistics, a wide range of features, and supported devices, making it an advanced and powerful monitoring solution.


You should monitor CPU usage, Disk capacity, Memory Usage, etc. By monitoring these metrics, you can enhance overall performance.

Linux servers are widely adopted for their stability, security, and flexibility. These abilities outstrip the Windows server, which is closed-source software, while Linux is an open-source, gets the upper hand.

Server monitoring is a process of reviewing and analyzing a network’s server to have high availability and enhance performance and security. This practice is approached to ensure that the server is up and running all the time as expected and resolve the raised issues effectively.