Server Log Management

Get access to server logs and information about the issues taking place and get notified to know the root causes of the failures in a few seconds. Enhance the security of your network infrastructure with Motadata AIOps.

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Today, every IT enterprise runs on a network, and the server, a crucial part of the network, becomes important to monitor. Server monitoring helps you monitor the overall server performance by tracking the key performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory consumption, Network usage, and much more. However, the server log contains all the records of changes and activities occurring on the server and tells you what went wrong with the specific event.

With Motadata AIOps on boards, server admins can simply go through server logs to get information about problems that took place or the notified alert to know the root cause of the failures within seconds. Server logs are basically the source of information for the server admins.

This helps gain visibility across your enterprise and enhances real-time monitoring, improving the fault-detection process by attending the issues in real time and quickly. Server Log management and fault management go hand in hand and are very important for Motadata AIOps. It also provides server log reports that can be helpful for the network auditors for troubleshooting. Therefore, server log management is the best practice while having a network monitoring solution in your network enterprise.

Configure Log Alerts

Motadata AIOps also offers agent-based server log monitoring, where the content of the server log files can be analyzed for issues and exceptions. This information gives complete visibility into the applications running on the server at the moment. You can simply install the agents in simple steps on the server and log files you want to monitor, and it provides the needed data.

You can view the status and live update of the agent once the agent is installed on desired network devices from Motadata AIOps. Once the agent is mapped with the specific servers, you can search for the specific keywords from the log files and configure alerts for the same. This keeps you updated with the severity of the issues and notified about the metrics.

Pre-Built Templates & Auto-Parsing

While monitoring a windows network device, you can track and analyze event logs and security log files. However, it is quite challenging to interpret the log files and get actionable insights. Therefore, Motadata offers pre-built plugins with default parsing functionality to receive the logs, understand them and provide information about the ongoing server activities.

Log Detailed View

Motadata receives the logs on the configured addresses, be it with Linux or windows system, with the help of agents or Syslog, and detects the server providers automatically. Then, it configures the plugins, libraries, and parsers and displays filters and critical information about the server activities. You can also create customized log parsers based on network devices.

Real-Time Log Monitoring

You can also get the live tails in the form of information which can be helpful for the network admins. For example, you get to filter out the events based on activities or the strings to highlight from the live log tails received from the servers.

Live Log Tail

You can monitor the changes of multiple log sources at once, and the filtering ability lets you focus on what matters the most and saves you from drowning in an overload of data with Server Log Management.

Enhance Security with Motadata AIOps

Monitoring security logs lets you enhance the security of your entire network infrastructure. For example, it helps you detect the number of login attempts and failed attempts for a specific time duration. In addition, you can identify the patterns from the logs, discover brute force attacks, and enhance the overall security of your enterprise network. You can even access the surrounding logs of your query and find an issue’s cause or impact.

You can display widgets from the log data and track the behaviors and KPIs. The server log management tool helps you analyze logs and decide their importance based on their impact on the server activities. This makes your network cost-effective and scalable, providing complete visibility across your infrastructure.

Log Analytics

A Server Log Management tool, Motadata AIOps keeps you one step ahead and provides network traffic insights by collecting real-time server logs. You can correlate the same data alongside other server logs on a centralized, single dashboard.

The server Log Management solution enhances flexibility by locating all server logs in one place and configuring changes whenever a new server or system is added. Motadata AIOps is designed on a Deep Learning Framework with AI-ML capabilities, making a robust and advanced network monitoring tool for your network infrastructure.


Server log monitoring is a process of collecting, parsing, and analyzing the log files generated by servers.

The server log contains information about traffic volume, network issues, failed services, etc. You can improve your application performance, identify sudden spikes in traffic and solve network problems more efficiently by monitoring server log files.