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Discover the network devices automatically, configure them, monitor them round the clock, and discover and troubleshoot network-related issues. Create complex workflow automation and automate maintenance tasks with Motadata AIOps.

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With expanding enterprises and businesses, the network also evolves and grows over time, making the entire network architecture challenging to manage and monitor.

Unfortunately, this also increases the overall IT cost for network operations, and the growth of data and devices can be limited, reducing IT capabilities. Monitoring and analyzing such complex networks and devices result in higher operational costs than maintaining the network itself.

A workforce of such a large scale tends to have configuration errors and insufficient network services.

Motadata AIOps offers comprehensive network automation solutions that can be used both centrally and remotely. Network automation lets you discover the network devices automatically, configure them, monitor them round the clock, and automatically discover and troubleshoot network-related issues.

AIOps is built on a Deep Learning Framework for IT operations with AI-ML abilities and serves a wide range of network automation solutions that can be utilized to perform your network efficiently with optimum potential.

For example, you can create complex workflows to automate troubleshooting operations and provision virtual network resources with configuration management.

Auto-Discovery with Motadata AIOps

The enterprise consists of a large and complex network architecture, containing multiple and different network devices from different vendors, operating on different operating systems with their own configurations. Motadata AIOps helps you ensure all the network devices are added to your inventory, audited, and monitored. Network Device Inventory You can discover the network devices with the help of credential profiles, and they are automatically classified based on the device type, name, vendor, and other configuration details.

Furthermore, the discovery profiles and schedules discovery makes it easy to maintain the latest device inventory and set up the custom discovery rules based on your network architecture.

Workflow Automation

You can perform network automation with Motadata by executing workflow automation without any code. You can configure the actions and first-level troubleshooting treatments with regular and repetitive maintenance tasks.

The comprehensive network automation solution lets you initiate the workflow for network issues or regular, routine monitoring. This will help you with audit workflow processes and detailed historical audit log reports.

The out-of-the-box categories, filters, and workflow options offer you complete automation to perform regular and routine tasks automatically.

Configure Alerts and Forecasting

Network admins closely monitor the device’s performance metrics, set manual threshold values to get notified whenever they are breached, and ensure optimal network performance.

However, it is crucial to set the exact and appropriate threshold value and update the same to the desired network devices as per the requirements and circumstances.

The alerts can be sent and also scheduled to network admins via SMS or Email. Forecasting Motadata AIOps’s advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence help you adopt a suitable threshold value to overcome these issues.

In addition, it provides you historical performance statistics and helps you with potential values by forecasting. This saves the admin’s time and effort, making it efficient to perform critical operations and ensure health network operations.

Network Configuration Management

A faulty configuration can lead to a hazardous impact on the network and cause network outages or security breaches. AIOps helps back up the existing configuration data and roll back previous network configurations.

The backup of configuration data files lets you restore the system configuration. You can also roll our configuration changes to running and start-up files of network devices and execute the pre-defined configurations to the multiple network devices simultaneously with a configuration Baselining.

Runbook automation lets you control the operations and support network processes. Motadata lets you ensure that the most up-to-date procedures are executed efficiently and meet the standard compliances.

Capacity Planning

Network automation assures you that your network is healthy and efficient enough to run the needed network operations and serve network services to the end customers with scalability.

In addition, it provides extensive information about network loads and bandwidth usage and makes it easy to understand if the servers, routers, and other network devices are utilized optimally.

The historical trends and forecasting ability lets you perform capacity planning and set the thresholds for the same.

Automated network capacity planning keeps you stay one step ahead of your requirements, and you can invest in potential network devices in advance.

It also co-relates the common and related network events/issues, filters them, and provides a combined alert to the network admins with historical data and event mapping, making it easier to find the root cause of the issue and resolve them efficiently.

With Motadata on board, enterprises get a comprehensive network automation solution that lets you run the scripts automatically whenever an alert is triggered.

In addition, you can also log tickets automatically for specific network issues, making your network advanced, robust, and fully automated.


Network automation simplifies network management. As network automation can perform routine and regular processes more frequently and efficiently, reducing network downtime and the probability of network failures, it saves time and resources. Thus, to have advanced and efficient network management, it is important to have network automation.