CPU Usage Monitoring

Monitor CPU usage and get insights into CPU metrics and forecasts about the potential usage. Discover anomalies with the historical CPU usage data with Motadata AIOps.

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Motadata AIOps is a comprehensive monitoring solution that is designed to offer insights into network operations, application performance, and infrastructure health. It allows you to link the application performance issues with the resources and helps you resolve them before they disturb the user experience. You can map the application services to the on-premise CPU and infrastructure, helping you to trace the root cause of the application performance issue and assess the source of the bottleneck.

It also monitors servers, routers, switches, ports, firewalls, virtual machines, wireless LAN controllers, storage, and network devices with the help of PowerShell, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and Command Line Interface (CLI). When it comes to CPU monitoring, it lets you perform CPU Performance monitoring, CPU Health check, CPU clock speed, and CPU resource availability monitoring on both Linux and Windows machines.

Diagnose Network Issues with CPU Usage Monitoring

When something is not measured, it can be analyzed or improved. For example, regarding server monitoring, CPU usage is one of the most crucial metrics that need to be measured. It helps you analyze the processing speed of the application, deciding the overall health of the network and server.

The unusual spike in CPU usage can crash down the server along with multiple processes and applications running on the server. On the other hand, high usage can also cause a high CPU utilization and slow down the server. Besides CPU Usage, CPU temperature monitoring can give you insights into CPU performance.

The larger and more complex enterprise network infrastructures make it challenging to discover the servers with high CPU utilization that require manual actions by the network admins. This can lead to interrupted user experience and potentially cost a company millions of dollars.

With Motadata AIOps on board, it is easy to identify devices with high CPU resources. It also helps you with alerts and notifications whenever there’s a spike in CPU usage. This does not require manual admin monitoring but helps the admin discover the potential CPU bottlenecks and improve overall network performance.

Visualize Metrics and Set Threshold-Based Alerts

Motadata offers you comprehensive CPU monitoring and memory analytics that can be displayed on the dashboard. The resource saturation in your server helps you address the bottlenecks efficiently. It lets you display both pre-built and customized dashboards that visualize CPU utilization and memory usage with graphical displays, color-coded data, and time-line based metrics.

CPU Usage Dashboard

Detecting the CPU utilization or memory usage issues is the very first step to resolving resource-related performance issues. Once the issue and the source of the bottleneck are identified, Motadata AIOps lets you troubleshoot with the service-level root cause summaries.

Next, drilling down into the server performances let you maximize the CPU and memory resource available for the application performance and prevent performance issue before they interrupt the end-user experience. Finally, the top ten CPU utilization dashboard lets you decide and plan capacity.

Top Ten CPU Utilization Dashboard

Motadata lets you set the threshold for each CPU monitor across your network, which alerts you whenever the CPU usage crosses the set threshold or whenever the disk utilization exceeds the specified limit. The thresholds can be configured based on multiple scenarios, severity, security, and priorities. The alerts can be sent as notifications and sent via email or SMS.

CPU Usage Forecasting and Trend Reports

Motadata AIOps is designed with Deep Learning Framework for IT operations with AI-ML abilities, making it an intelligent and advanced monitoring solution. It monitors the CPU metrics and forecasts about the potential CPU usage. It also discovers anomalies with the historical CPU usage data.

CPU usage Forecasting

Motadata offers built-in reports based on customized parameters that measure CPU usage. The reports can be manually generated and scheduled as well for the designated time. The reports can be organized to show the interfaces or the network devices with the highest CPU utilization, CPU efficiency, and CPU errors for a specific time period. It lets you drill down the metrics and troubleshoot the issues easily.

Motadata AIOps servers a wide range of CPU monitoring features along with CPU usage monitoring. The comprehensive monitoring tool provides solutions for CPU performance, monitoring CPU hardware metrics, holistic monitoring dashboards for CPU monitoring, etc.


CPU usage is a term widely used in virtual environments such as VMware and Hyper-V servers. However, for network devices and physical servers, CPU usage is mainly associated with CPU utilization as it impacts the server and network monitoring.

The service level resources can have a major impact on application later performances. Therefore, it is essential to track resources to have a comprehensive monitoring solution. The insights into CPU and memory usage metrics let you troubleshoot the bottlenecks efficiently and proactively manage the resources.