Citrix XenServer Monitoring

Get out-of-the-box alerts for the Citrix Virtual App server performance and eliminate the VM issues to perform virtual operations seamlessly. Nullify security and stay one step ahead with Motadata AIOps.

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Alongside Hyper-V and VMware, Citrix technologies have contributed to a larger part of IT enterprises by providing virtual machines and remote devices. Every virtual machine gives the end user a unique dedicated OS and a system. Monitoring the Citrix worker host/session server with different tiers running the Citrix Services is never enough.

Motadata AIOps, a Citrix monitoring tool, lets you monitor, diagnose and report the performance of Citrix virtual infrastructure and servers. Ensure maximum uptime with Motadata AIOps that offers complete visibility, correlation of issues, and a thorough root cause analysis of performance issues.

Citrix Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

Citrix Xenserver offer secure and remote access to Windows applications and desktops from any remote device, which can be vulnerable and slow. With Motadata AIOps, you can discover the factors that slow down the applications and performances running on a Citrix Virtual Server.

Motadata AIOps, a Citrix monitoring tool, helps drill down the root cause of the problems occurring in virtual server and improve overall performance and user experience.

You can also analyze the Citrix logs with a customized and pre-configured log parser. It captures Citrix virtual infrastructure changes and administrator activities in the form of logs to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. Monitor virtual servers more closely and track and interpret every activity with Citrix Xen log parsing.

Motadata AIOps lets you discover Citrix Xen and Citrix Xen clusters with the help of credential profiles. Once the virtual machines are identified, you can display the key metrics and configuration details under the virtualization category.

Proactive Monitoring & Critical Metrics

Motadata AIOps helps you monitor the number of failed database connections, growth of virtual app servers, license servers, and busy XML threads. By monitoring these factors, you can view the critical performance metrics of the virtual server.

Citrix XenServer Metrics

With the help of a Citrix performance monitor, Motadata AIOps, you can display the metrics that impact Citrix Xen’s performance and make confident decisions. These metrics include packet lost/sent/received, memory allocation/used, CPU percentage/sockets, etc.

List of important KPIs for Citrix-xen monitoring:

Sr. No. Counter Description
1. citrix.xen.disk.used.percent The percentage of used disk space out of the total disk space on the host.
2. citrix.xen.memory.used.percent The percentage of used memory out of total memory on the host.
3. citrix.xen.running.virtual.machines The number of virtual machines running on the host.
4. citrix.xen.cpu.percent The percentage of the host CPU being utilized.
5. citrix.xen.cpu.speed.hz The speed of the CPU (central processing unit) in hertz.
6. citrix.xen.virtual.machines The total number of virtual machines on the host.
7. Data transferred in and out of the host per second.
8. citrix.xen.vm.cpu.percent CPU utilization percentage for Citrix Xen VMs
9. citrix.xen.vm.memory.used.percent The percentage of memory currently in use by the Citrix Xen VM
10. citrix.xen.datastore.used.percent The percentage of used space out of the total space on the datastore.
11. The amount of bytes transferred per second performing I/O operations to and from the datastore.

Forecast & Capacity Planning

Built with AI-ML capabilities, Motadata AIOps is a powerful and progressive virtual infrastructure monitoring solution. This solution helps enterprises learn from historical trends and patterns to predict potential usage, thus helping to prioritize capacity and license planning.

VM sprawl management supports you efficiently maintain the number of virtual machines and remain in advance by utilizing Citrix XenServer resources effectively. Identify under-provisioned and over-provisioned servers and ensure peak performance.

Dashboard & Alerts

The virtual machines and Citrix Xen make the network architecture complex, making the visibility across the infrastructure challenging.

Motadata AIOps is complete enterprise network management tool that helps you visualize each Citrix Xen and cluster with comprehensive and detailed dashboards. The dashboards ensure that all the critical KPIs are seen on a single screen, ensuring complete visibility across the IT infrastructure.

Citrix XenServer Dashboard

Motadata AIOps provides out-of-the-box Citrix Virtual App Server Performance alerts, so the network admins know whenever the configured thresholds are met. The prioritized and important notifications keep your inbox clean and notify only when it matters.

Citrix Xenserver Topology

With our Citrix Xenserver monitoring solution, you can get a detailed topology for managing and monitoring virtual environments efficiently. Citrix Xen cluster is integrated at the essence, functioning as a central hub to observe virtual environments. It assures real-time visibility for the health, performance, and utilization of virtual resources.

Motadata AIOps is designed with Deep Learning Framework and AI-ML facilities that identifies and eliminates the VM issues, helping the virtual environment perform seamlessly. By monitoring Citrix Xen and Citrix Xen clusters, you can nullify the security threats and stay one step ahead by monitoring logs and events.

Basics of Citrix XenServer Monitoring

Citrix Xen App and Xen Desktop monitoring is a process of tracking, analyzing, and maintaining the Citrix virtual app environments. IT admins can optimize the performance of virtual desktops, apps, and infrastructure by adopting Citrix Xen monitoring.

Citrix XenServer helps admins virtualize to deploy, host and manage the virtual machines. It also distributes the hardware resources such as CPU, memory, networking storage, etc., to the virtual machines.

Citrix Xen consists of two modules, Citrix Xen App and Citrix XenServer. Where the Xen app is an application virtualization platform, the XenServer is a hypervisor.