Network Interface Monitoring

Obtain the most accurate and detailed insights and identify the abnormal activities into the network interfaces.

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Network Interface Monitoring can help you obtain healthy performance and nullify slow network traffic. Motadata AIOps helps you with comprehensive interface bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring.

Motadata AIOps offers one comprehensive end-to-end solution to resolve network performance issues, monitors interfaces proactively, and gets real-time insight reports of traffic and interface parameters.

Network Interface Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

Motadata provides a single screen to monitor each and every interface. It also comes with a handful of capabilities, as mentioned below.

  • Identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot network interface performance issues
  • Track traffic utilization, error rates, and discard packets with the support of interface monitoring
  • Monitor crucial interface-related linkup and link down SNMP traps
  • Find the root cause of any performance issues due to the high error rate into respective interfaces.
  • Identify interface performance by analysing the traffic data across the relevant network devices.

Monitoring Switch Interfaces

In Motadata AIOps, after you have discovered any networking device, you can provision those specific interfaces based on the use cases. You can also tag them depending on the requirement to monitor respective interfaces whether it is an inbound or outbound interface.

Switch Interface

At the same time, you will be able to monitor Vlan and SPM details to have holistic network visibility. You can also track STP details to prevent network issues.

With the unusual traffic, organizations often go through traffic issues. Sometimes, the heavy traffic makes the network slow.

Motadata AIOps monitors the network flow data coming from NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, etc. This leads to identifying the usage of traffic consumed by applications, users, and protocols. With Flow monitoring and packet capturing, Motadata can discover, diagnose and resolve network performance issues.

Network flow assists you in identifying top talkers in the network, knowing which applications have a higher consumption, which specific application is communicating on a specific port, how network traffic travels through a particular interface, and more.

Businesses that rely on crucial cloud-based services must prioritize traffic allocations. Motadata AIOps helps obtain interface utilization and improves the quality of service.

Monitoring Key Interface Metrics

Motadata AIOps lets you monitor various interface metrics such as error rate, discard rate, packet loss, interface utilization etc.

List of Important KPI for Network Interface Monitoring:

Sr. No. KPI Description
1. interface.packets Number of packets on the interface
2. interface.error.packets Number of error packets on the interface
3. interface.sent.octets Number of octets sent on the interface
4. interface.discard.packets Number of discarded packets on the interface
5. interface.bit.type Bit type of the interface
6. ip.route.interface.index The index of the network interface associated with the IP route
7. interface.speed.bytes.per.sec Speed of data transfer in bytes per second
8. interface.traffic.utilization.percent Percentage of interface bandwidth being used
9. interface.traffic.bytes.per.sec Total traffic on the interface in bytes per second
10. interface.out.traffic.utilization.percent Percentage of outbound traffic bandwidth used
11. Percentage of inbound traffic bandwidth used

Interface Dashboard & Reports

Motadata AIOps offers detailed interface widgets of various metrics such as Discard rate, Interface utilization, interface traffic, error rates, etc. The widgets are helpful for monitoring the performance of interfaces for a particular period.

network interface drilldown

The widgets can also be generated as reports, which can be helpful for audit or presentation purposes. In addition, Motadata AIOps offers pre-built, default, out-of-the-box reports for such monitoring metrics, which can be helpful for capacity planning and decision-making.

AIOps powered by Motadata is one unified monitoring solution created with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It makes the network smart by monitoring all the network interfaces.

Basics of Network Interface Monitoring

Network interface monitoring helps you detect, diagnose, and resolve performance-related issues. It also lets you track response time, availability, and helps to optimize bandwidth allocation, identify potential congestions, and ensure smoother operations.

Network interface monitoring is important for many reasons. Some of them are as below.

Optimize performance – Admins can find loopholes or inefficient areas in the network by monitoring the interfaces. This ensures seamless operations of apps and services and better performance.

Troubleshoot issues – When network issues arise, a network interface monitoring solution can offer great insights on the health and status of the interfaces, helping IT resolve issues quickly.

Enhance security – Network interface monitoring enables enterprises to detect network activity like unusual traffic patterns or unauthorized connections. This helps enterprises take measures to safeguard their network.

Capacity Planning – Knowing network interface usage patterns aid enterprises to plan for their capacity needs for future. With trend predictions, enterprises can find out potential resource constraints and make informed decisions.

Some of the primary metrics to monitor when evaluating network interface performance are error packets, discard packets, octets and more.