Firewall Log Monitoring

Filter and analyze firewall logs to discover the log patterns without any complex scripting. Get notified real-time for Firewall security incidents and secure your network infrastructure with Motadata AIOps.

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Security devices and applications, Firewall such as one, is never enough to secure your network, as the secured and sensitive data need to be analyzed and reported to ensure a secured network infrastructure. Therefore, monitoring the firewall Syslog and security device logs becomes essential for a robust and secure network.

Motadata AIOps lets you search, filter and analyze firewall logs to discover the log patterns without any complex scripting. The summarized log data can provide interactive dashboards and help you work efficiently. In addition, the detailed analysis of incoming and outgoing traffic helps secure the network infrastructure and Firewall.

Auto Regex Parsing with Motadata AIOps

It is always a challenge to interpret the logs and get actionable insights. Motadata AIOps supports all firewall providers and helps configure a parser plugin that understands the syntax, parses the logs from firewalls, and provides information about the activities.

Auto Parser

It receives the logs on its configured address, automatically detects the firewall providers , sets up plugins, libraries, and parsers, and displays filtered and critical information about the firewall activities. You can also create a customized log parser based on your Firewall sampled regex and its logs

Live Log Tails

Motadata AIOps provides live log tails in the form of information that can be helpful for network administrators. You can even filter out the events based on activities or the strings to highlight from the live log tails.

Live Log Tail

Monitor the changes of multiple log sources at once, and the filtering helps you focus on what matters the most and saves you from drowning in an overload of data.

Analyze Security & Traffic Logs

Motadata AIOps analyses the firewall security logs, applies network intelligence, and provides information about security breaches or attacks. The network security threats are risks to the critical resources in the network.

Log Analysis

Perform security log analysis for security administrators with out-of-the-box security log analytical facilities. Visualize network threat possibilities and plan strategy to protect with Motadata AIOps.

Firewall Reports & Alerts

Get out-of-the-box security and traffic reports on demand to get complete visibility into network security. The detailed and rich reports help prevent potential security incidents. It also allows administrators to make informed decisions and capacity planning.

Get notified in real-time for network security incidents and take instant remediation actions. A firewall security alert can be configured to alert network administrators by Email or SMS. You can also run a set of actions to initiate on specific alerts. For example, you can set threshold-based, metrics-based, and anomaly-based alerts on Firewall logs.

Discover Anomalies & Forecasting

Networks often witness unusual bandwidth usage or high traffic from their standard behaviors. Therefore, monitoring and analyzing such behavior are essential from a security perspective as they can lead to security breaches and malware attacks.

Motadata AIOps comes with the capability of discovering anomalies without human intervention. With the help of different methods, it analyses log files and identifies unusual or abnormal behavior/entries. This helps proactively find the concerns and resolve them before they become inevitable problems.

Generate metrics from the log data and track the behavior and KPIs with Motadata AIOps. Analyze logs and decide their importance based on their impact on the firewall activities, making a cost-effective and scalable-centralized log management and providing complete visibility across your infrastructure.

Motadata AIOps keeps you one step ahead and provides network traffic insights by collecting real-time firewall logs and events. It correlates the same data alongside other network logs on centralized, single dashboards.

You can improve firewall management and enhance flexibility by locating all firewall logs in one place and configuring changes as new devices/rules are added. Motadata AIOps is built on a Deep Learning Framework with AI-ML abilities, making it a robust and powerful monitoring solution to your network infrastructure secure and efficient.


Monitoring Firewall logs is important to keep your network secure and save it from security breaches. As the logs contain data of all the activities occurring on firewalls, it quickly identifies the factors that can harm the network’s security.

Each transaction, activity, and connection occurring in the network consists of the source IP, destination IP, the protocols, the ports, and a reference to the firewall rule that is applied to the network traffic. Firewall logs consist of such log data, which can be helpful to drill down each firewall activity to identify the cause of issues and resolve them effectively.