Agent-Based Monitoring

Get an all-in-one, powerful agent-based approach to meet all of your monitoring requirements. Configure a Motadata agent into critical devices and get their real-time performance metrics with Motadata AIOps.

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When it comes to monitoring the network infrastructure, it includes various types of network devices and hardware components. Motadata AIOps offers an all-in-one, advanced agent that can be installed into client platforms, enabling the applications and servers to get monitored.

Motadata AIOps provides a fully-functional agent that can be configured into critical devices and help you monitor the essential performance metrics of those devices in real-time. This reduces the operating load and helps you improve your server performance.

Advantages of Agent-Based Monitoring

Configuring the agent on the client device lets you collect the metrics and analyze them, eventually enabling them to get monitored. It provides a handful bag of advantages while using Motadata AIOps.

  • Easy Configuration: Motadata AIOps requires an agent to install it on the client device, which can be configured in a few easy steps.
  • Minimal Downtime: As the communication between the devices as an AIOps server takes place in real-time, downtime at any device can be identified in real-time, letting you take action against the same. Even if the connection between the agent and server gets broken, Motadata agent stores the device data for hours.
  • Better Performance and Experience: You can monitor the entire network infrastructure and eliminate each device’s performance issues, which helps you provide a better and refined user experience.
  • Real-time Pooling: Motadata AIOps agent lets you collect the metrics in real-time as the agent has a polling interval of less than one second for critical metrics.
  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Motadata AIOps captures packets from all network devices with the help of a packet agent that is physically configured on the devices. The agent helps collect the packets and data comprehensively and displays rich and actionable insights.

Architecture of Agent-Based Monitoring

Rather than polling every server constantly to check their availability, Motadata AIOps offers an agent that can be configured on the devices you want to monitor and sends metric data to the AIOps server. This agent can be installed in both Linux and Windows-based devices.

Once the agent is configured and mapped with Motadata AIOps, it can push the metrics, forward logs, and much more. Motadata Agents provides a one-stop solution to monitor anything and everything. The single agent can monitor device critical metrics and performance statistics. It also lets you collect logs and capture packets from monitoring devices.

The Motadata agents are easy to configure on the devices and can be installed in a few easy steps. For Windows-based machines, you can simply install an .exe file and follow simple steps to configure the agent. While with Linux-based systems, you can configure the agents with Ubuntu or RHEL/CentOS packages.

Agent Monitoring Settings

Motadata AIOps offers a complete network management dashboard with a list of agents configured across the network, providing information about their availability, health, response time, etc. It provides you complete visibility across your agent-based devices and helps you make decisions based on priority and severity.

Agent List Settings

The list displays the details of the name of the agent monitor, IP address, categorized group, and if the agent is enabled, disabled, or under maintenance. You can also take actions on agents such as terminating agents, exporting agent configuration information, restarting the agent, etc.

One single agent collects the statistics and displays the metrics information on a dashboard, helping you with visibility and assuring the overall health of a specific agent-configured device.

Agent Dashboard KPIs

Motadata AIOps lets you monitor and manage devices from different locations. While monitoring such complex and vast architecture, numerous Motadata agents are configured and running, which manage the monitored data from all the client platforms and send it to the AIOps server.

Motadata AIOps provides complete visibility across network devices by implementing agents and constantly reaching each network device, letting you know their whereabouts and availability. It also helps you perform capacity planning and make confident decisions with out-of-the-box reports and AI-ML abilities.


When an application is installed to collect the data and send it to the console to process and analyze, this process can be called agent-based monitoring. Agent-based monitoring offers detailed and vast monitoring capacities.

While agent-based monitoring solutions require a code or an execution file to start monitoring metrics and analyzing them, agentless monitoring solution does not require one. Instead, it works with APIs and monitoring protocols to request and monitor the metric data.