Data Center Monitoring

Monitor the data centers of your network enterprise and optimize your network connectivity, server performance, and storage utilization. Get complete visibility into physical and virtual servers along with virtual cluster, host, and virtual machine performances with Motadata AIOps.

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As Data centers host essential business applications and storage for the entire business network, it is the heart of IT operations. Data Center monitoring is essential to ensure minimum downtime and better overall performance.

Motadata AIOps monitors Data centers to optimize network connectivity, server performances, and storage performances. It provides comprehensive and complete visibility into Data Centers, letting network admin make decisions and enhance overall performances.

Motadata AIOps lets you monitor all of your performance-critical metrics under one roof with a unified console, functioning as a one-stop solution for Data Center monitoring. It lets you maintain your data center resources with their peak performances.

Monitoring Network Devices with Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps, a data center monitoring solution, helps monitor all your network devices and interfaces and ensures all the devices are connected well and efficiently. For example, monitoring routers, firewalls, and L3 switches would help build concrete network infrastructure.

It also helps monitor the flow and traffic data transmitting across the network and VLANs. Keep track of uplinks and ISPs to enhance your performance and efficiency of network operations.

Server & Application Monitoring

Get complete visibility into physical and virtual servers along with virtual cluster, host, and virtual machine performances with Motadata AIOps running on both Linux and windows machines. Manage multi-vendor storage environment usage and ensure that your storage devices function optimally.

Execute capacity planning and forecasting to get a clear picture of forthcoming issues and required investments with Motadata AIOps. Get a complete view of the performance of your IT infrastructure with end-to-end mapping of applications, web servers, databases, and connections to the servers.

Monitor Performance Critical Metrics with Motadata AIOps

Motadata AIOps discovers business-critical applications and databases based on credential profiles. Once they are registered on the portal, Motadata automatically provides the performance metrics based on your device type and severity.

Virtualization Dashboard

It lets you monitor both your physical and virtual data center servers with the help of monitoring protocols and collects device performance metrics.

Get insights about the key metrics such as sessions, Database I/O, caches, transactions, etc. Configure policies for specific databases and set thresholds to get alerts.

Monitoring Critical Hardware Devices with Motadata AIOps

IT enterprises, operations, and businesses rely on hardware devices as they drive all network operations. Motadata AIOps helps you keep track of your server storage’s critical metrics such as CPU performance and temperature, Fan speed, etc.

Monitor UPS and track battery health, making sure the network does not have any downtime. Track the cooling and temperature of your data centers and monitor smart racks, PDU, and ATS with SNMP-based monitoring. Keep your critical hardware healthy and obtain its optimum performance.

Comprehensive Dashboard & Alerts

Create dedicated and customized dashboards to display all the information about your network and server infrastructure in a single pane that provides a detailed and complete overview of data center operations. Add widgets as your requirements and know about your data center’s health and performance.

Stay up to date and get real-time information about your data center’s performances so that any performance-related issues can be discovered and resolved instantly.

Datacenter Monitoring Dashboard

Set thresholds to the critical performance metrics and get notified whenever they are breached, enabling you to easily know the variations and interruptions in the performances of your data center devices. The advanced alerts provide complete visibility into issues and let you resolve them with historical audit data.

Topology & Reports

Visualize your data centers and network infrastructure with Topology mapping and get complete visibility of the enterprise with Motadata AIOps. Get the status of each server and network device from the topology and get a visual idea of the overall status of your data center.

Datacenter topology

Get the out-of-the-box detailed and rich report, providing you complete insights into Data Center operations, their status, health, and performance. The reports help you execute capacity planning and invest in upcoming investments.

Motadata AIOps is an advanced monitoring solution designed with AI-ML abilities that keep your Datacenter and IT infrastructure robust and healthy with efficient performances. In addition, the anomalies and forecasting abilities make it a powerful monitoring solution that saves you from hazardous issues and resolves them before they cause any inevitable damage.


Data Center monitoring is a process of monitoring, managing, and operating a data center to meet enterprise requirements. Motadata AIOps provides both manual and automated approaches to ensure the good health of the data center.

There are five core elements of a Data Center: servers, routers, switches, storage systems, and firewalls.