Virtual Machine Monitoring

Get complete visibility across your virtual infrastructure and virtual machines. Get crucial metrics data of your Hyper-V, VMware, or Citrix VMs and perform faster troubleshooting with Motadata AIOps.

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With complex and more extensive IT enterprises, businesses have started depending on virtual infrastructures for easy accessibility and availability with optimized resource utilization.

Motadata AIOps provides a comprehensive VM monitoring solution that offers metric data to monitor the virtual machines across your virtualization infrastructure.

Motadata connects with the virtual servers and examines the host servers’ and virtual machines’ health and performance. The out-of-the-box reports and dynamic dashboards can help IT admins with more visibility into virtual devices and perform fault management and capacity planning.

They can also maximize VM server uptime and ensure the guest virtual machines are functioning at their peak performance.

Monitor Health & Performance

Motadata’s monitoring tool is a powerful virtual machine monitoring solution that offers a wide range of monitoring features and capabilities under one console.

It also offers critical performance metrics and helps you visualize dashboards with metric trends and drill-down analysis. In addition, the advanced alert system helps you stay updated with the ongoing activities and events on your virtual machines.

Motadata allows you to terminate idle virtual machines quickly and provides real-time monitoring of virtual machine performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, and storage.

The metrics information allows you to experiment with multiple workload models on your current technical specification and hardware.

With this, you can strategize the new investments and ensure that the resources are correctly configured to meet the requirements.

Here’s a list of some important KPIs for virtual machine monitoring:

Sr. No. Counter Description
1. vm.memory.used.percent The percentage of used memory out of the total memory on the virtual machine.
2. Amount of memory currently free on a virtual machine
3. vm.cpu.percent The CPU utilization of the virtual machine.
4. vm.idle.cpu.percent Measure of the percentage of idle CPU time for a VM
5. vm.cpu.usage.hz CPU usage in Hz for the virtual machine on ESXi
6. vm.virtual.disk.volumes The number of virtual disk volumes of the ESXi VM
7. Number of bytes read from disk per second
8. Number of bytes written to disk per second
9. Number of disk I/O errors
10. vm.disk.capacity.bytes Total disk capacity of the virtual machine in bytes
11. Number of network bytes transferred per second
12. vm.virtual.processors The number of virtual processors of the ESXi VM

Complete Visibility Across Your Virtualized Infrastructure

With a comprehensive monitoring tool, you can gain visibility across Citrix, Hyper-V, and VMware performances. Whether your devices are on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud, it helps you understand your virtual environment more efficiently and resolve the issues of VMware vSphere, Citrix Xenserver, and Microsoft Hyper-V. In addition, the VM monitoring dashboards helps you perfect faster troubleshooting under one dashboard without visiting multiple tools for each hypervisor.

Virtual Machine Grid View

You can get information about the health of your entire environment, be it a server, virtual machine, or storage infrastructure. You can also troubleshoot all the issues with mapping and contexts under one view.

Visualize all your virtual machines with topology mapping and get complete visibility across your virtual architecture.

VM topology

Motadata AIOps promises to offer end-to-end IT monitoring solutions with absolute ease and efficiency. For example, you can drag and drop the performance metrics from the system data of various resources and display the metric data on a single chart.

The heat map view gives you insights into the virtual machines’ status, health, and performances. In addition, it provides information about the severity, letting you make confident decisions and perform operations more efficiently.

heatmap view

Monitor Your Hybrid Virtualization Stack

With emerging complex IT requirements, there can be a possibility that depending on the use case, enterprises can deploy their virtual machine infrastructure on multiple platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen etc

Therefore, you can monitor and track all the critical performance metrics of different virtual machines under one dashboard. Get notified of issues that occur on any virtual machine without changing the monitoring tool.

VM Dashboard

Motadata AIOps aids you in appropriate capacity planning for your virtual infrastructure using VM sprawl reports. VM sprawl reports can get you in-depth details of your idle, underutilized or overutilized virtual servers.

Monitoring Virtual Machines with Motadata AIOps

It has AI-ML abilities that help you optimize the virtualized infrastructure. Discover the issues faster with dynamic thresholds, minimize MTTR with detailed root cause analysis, prevent issues proactively, and plan future investments with forecasting.

Dynamic and holistic topology mapping shows how data is transmitted across virtual network devices. Set thresholds for critical performance metrics and get notified whenever the thresholds are crossed, helping you streamline troubleshooting.

Identify the anomalies for the monitored resources and compare them with the historical data, helping you obtain an efficient virtual environment.

Basics of Virtual Machine Monitoring

Virtual machine monitoring is the monitoring, management, and evaluation of virtual machines within a virtualized environment.

In a virtual setup, there are various VMs running on a physical server, sharing resources like CPU memory and storage. To ensure optimal performance, resource usage, security and availability. 

VM monitoring can be done using solutions like Motadata AIOps that offer insights into the health and performance of each virtual machine along with the whole virtual infrastructure.

Generally, VM monitoring includes tracking of different metrics like CPU utilization, memory usage, network traffic and more.

  • VM monitoring ensures your operations function efficiently by tracking metrics like CPU utilization, memory usage and more. This helps identify performance bottlenecks and optimize resources better.
  • Gain valuable insights into resource usage patterns that aid in capacity planning. This can help enterprises anticipate future resource requirements and scale their virtual infrastructure accordingly.
  • Detect and diagnose issues in your virtualized environment in real-time. Admins can identify potential concerns by monitoring for unusual behavior or performance.

VM monitoring solution works by tracking critical metrics like CPU usage, memory utilization., etc. that indicate the health and performance of the virtual devices of the infrastructure, ensuring that they are functioning efficiently. Usually, most of the tracking is done by the solution automatically.