Disk Space Monitor

Monitor the disk spaces and help IT admins ensure the high performance of servers. Maintain system uptime optimum and avoid sudden or unforeseen server disk space issues with Motadata AIOps.

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Disk space availability in servers is essential for enterprises to maintain their performance efficiency. These servers may contain the critical log files and databases created by applications running on the servers.

When there is not enough disk space available on these servers, applications will not be able to perform correctly and might crash as well. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the disk spaces for IT admins and ensure the high performance of servers. It also helps maintain system uptime optimum and avoid sudden or unforeseen server disk space issues.

Comprehensive Monitoring with Motadata AIOps

IT enterprises use numerous network devices from multiple vendors. These devices run on different operating systems. The different vendors and operating systems can make it challenging to collect disk usage metrics. Motadata AIOps is a complete monitoring solution, serving a wide range of monitoring abilities to all vendors and device types.

To optimize disk usage, IT admins require to study the historical data of Disk usage, which helps them understand the disk usage behavior and patterns. This will help understand the trend and make a confident decision for upcoming investments.

When an application outage occurs due to insufficient disk space, it will impact business function and operations, and it is a challenge for IT admins to reduce MTTR. Motadata AIOps monitors the log data and helps the IT admin to resolve the issue and get the application running again

Disk Space Utilization & Forecasting

Motadata AIOps is built with AI-ML abilities, making it one advanced and intelligent monitoring solution that comes with a forecasting capability. It predicts future disk space usage based on historical data and patterns.

Disk Space Utilization

It analyses the device’s current disk usage rate and growing trend and predicts future disk usage growth. With Disk Space Monitor, IT admins can create performance baselines and get notified based on threshold violations via SMS or email. This way, you can perform capacity planning and get network devices on board before they are required.

Runbook Automation

The complex network infrastructures and their network operations contain a large number of log data with every event passing by, and the size of log data is unpredictable. Log data consumes disk space, and clearing log data after a certain time is a repetitive, mindless, and tedious task. You can run scripts and apply Runbook automation for deleting older log data after a specific period of time and save disk space.

You can set up workflow automation to periodically check disk space usage, clear old logs, and make space with Motadata AIOps. You can always schedule such workflow on threshold breaches or manually triggered by the network admins.

The Customized Reports and Widgets

Motadata AIOps offers a customized and out-of-the-box dashboard that provides all the information about Disk usage across your network devices. In addition, you can add widgets for the metrics you want to display, such as Disk used byte, Disk used percent, Disk free percent, etc.

Disk Space Monitoring Dashboard

You can also get detailed and rich reports that provide complete visibility into Disk usage across your enterprise devices. The reports can be customized based on past utilized patterns and current usage trends, used for various purposes, and generated per requirements.

Get notified of any disk space issues, monitor free disk space regularly with Motadata AIOPs, and minimize the risk of server downtime. Configure minimum disk usage percentage and get notified whenever the threshold is breached. The daily reports and forecasting alerts will keep you informed about the ongoing issues in your network and help your make action to keep your network running efficiently and minimize downtime.


Disk monitoring is a process of tracking the disk space used by devices, applications, and virtual machines across your network enterprise.

Monitoring Disk space is important for the network admins to ensure that the applications and operations running on servers have enough disk space to perform optimally. The lack of disk space can result in application crashes, downtime, and an unsatisfied user experience.