WhatsApp and Telegram Integration

Get a pre-integrated chat experience using WhatsApp and Telegram integrations and generate instant tickets without wasting a second.

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Businesses must start connecting with customers better and faster by looking at the current market situation. WhatsApp and Telegram integration is a low-cost and quick way to communicate with clients compared to traditional communication methods such as SMS and emails.

How can WhatsApp and Telegram Integration support customer efforts?

WhatsApp and Telegram are over-the-top communication platforms businesses can use to connect virtually to anyone worldwide. They need to have internet access and the app.

WhatsApp for Business is a free messaging app that gives you a reliable and secure way to communicate with your customers. It’s great for businesses who need an efficient way to send important information about their business, track customer service issues, and get feedback from customers by sending polls.

Benefits of WhatsApp Integration with ServiceOps

WhatsApp is a chat application for communicating on the go. It will be simpler to use WhatsApp for incident generation and management if you combine ServiceOps with WhatsApp. Once combined, you can generate or review requests from WhatsApp without signing into the Support Portal or accessing the chat agent from the portal.

WhatsApp Integration with ServiceOps

Customer Reach: WhatsApp has a broader reach, and users will quickly get connected, as customers nowadays are more active on WhatsApp than on other platforms.

Exclusive “Brand-Verified” Experience: When WhatsApp is integrated with ServiceOps, businesses can include their branding elements as verified WhatsApp business accounts that customers can trust.

Regulations and compliance issues:WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, which secure businesses and customers’ information.

Benefits of Telegram Integration with ServiceOps

If you integrate ServiceOps into Telegram, managing and creating incidents will be much easier. Once added, you can generate or review requests from Telegram without signing in to the ServiceOps Support Portal or accessing the chat agent from the portal.

Telegram Integration with ServiceOps

Separate chat folders: Telegram supports businesses by segmenting the larger audience by letting companies sort customers into their desired groups.

Telegram Channels: Users can subscribe to Telegram channels to get business-related information on time. Discovering these channels is easy, too, so businesses can take maximum advantage.

Why should businesses opt for WhatsApp and telegram integration?

The enhancement in conversion rates varies on how your representatives respond to your customers with an instant chat experience.

Virtual Agent

WhatsApp and Telegram chat is a quicker and convenient way of providing real-time responses to customers. Integrating WhatsApp and Telegram will help businesses engage customers by sending real-time notifications to deliver a virtual still in-person exclusive experience.

For example, if your client wants to register any incident or place any request about the services, they can quickly request it through integrated WhatsApp or Telegram. They can also get the status regularly and get updated about their request process.

For more details, please read our user manual on Messaging App.


The requesters need not specifically access the ServiceOps portal to raise request or file complaints. They can use the messaging app installed on their phones, that they are predominantly using for chat.

The information shared over WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted meaning the encrypted messages are stored on your device and not WhatsApp servers after they are delivered.

WhatsApp and Telegram are device agnostic chat platforms and are usually referred to as cross-platform chat apps. Integration of ServiceOps with these chat apps will make your requesters device agnostic.