Software Management & Metering

Motadata ServiceOps IT software management and metering acknowledge end-to-end software metering by analyzing the constant usage of software for the synchronized execution of the license limits.

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Owning a lot of software entails paying a lot of license fees if not measured or monitored on time. Every organization needs a niche-specific solution for the convenience of smooth operations as well as for industry compliance.

Software management and metering have an impact on the whole course of business and help organizations decrease an organization’s IT expenses, mitigate potential legal risks related to software usage, and improve the efficiency of both the IT department and the employees.

Software management and metering analyze software usage data and assist IT administrators in lowering the cost overhead brought on by unauthorized renewals and upgrades.

The software metering features of Motadata ServiceOps software management give visibility and insights into the software assets in the IT network and assist organizations in making educated decisions regarding software license renewals, hence lowering IT costs.

How can ServiceOps help organizations with software management and metering?

An appropriate software metering is to monitor and manage software execution effectively. These solutions serve as watchdogs of software. In addition to monitoring application usage, these watchdogs also stop the distribution of unauthorized programs. A user can launch an application is determined by the license-usage limitations that organizations define.

Software Asset

Software Asset

Software asset management helps organizations to measure all the assets with details such as when they were installed, what is their expiry, and what kind of licenses are installed in the assets. It keeps checks on all the hardware and software assets to enhance IT expenses. Organizations can easily manage IT Assets, Licenses, and Audits.

Software Licenses

Software Licenses

With Motadata ServiceOps Software management and metering, organizations can easily manage and monitor all types of licenses, their installation details, expiry details, the cost of those licenses, and if they are clubbed with other licenses.

Software Metering

Software Metering

Motadata ServiceOps offers information on how much and how long a specific software has been used on each system. Additionally, for a predetermined amount of time, the technician can access the license reports for each system.

The administrator can decide whether to keep or withdraw the license for the software application used on each system using these usage statistics.


Software metering is a part of overall software asset management (SAM) and includes the procedure of decreasing, documenting, and managing total IT costs. In short, software metering is a plan to help organizations observe and maintain all their organization’s various software licenses.

Software metering is used to monitor all the software installed in the environment so that higher authorities can make appropriate decisions related to software and control the additional IT costs.

The phrase “software management” refers to a broad category of computer software, including license management, network management, customer relationship management, and asset management programs. Organizations can work more effectively by using this solution.