Create and Manage Contracts (AMC)

Create and manage AMC contracts feature of ServiceOps that automatically manages all the annual maintenance contracts without human interference once the data is set.

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Create and manage contracts in ServiceOps

As a business owner, AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts) are very important to run and maintain all the assets smoothly.

AMC management solution is one solution to keep track of the contracts in a better way for all types of businesses that have assets. ServiceOps’ AMC management solution helps the organizations to create and manage the AMCs, raise complaints about services, and get the reminders efficiently.

Types of contracts you can manage through ServiceOps

Motadata’s ServiceOps allows adding various types of contracts that you can easily manage such as –

  • Lease
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Annual
  • Insurance
  • Windows OS

For more information check out the Types of Contracts (link contract management page), you can manage through ServiceOps.

How do annual maintenance services work?

There are several ways organizations decide to structure annual maintenance contracts. Some of the ways most AMCs work:

  • Time-based
  • Per device
  • Based on the life-of-equipment
  • Replacement vs. Repair
  • Additional services

Benefits of ServiceOps for creating and managing contracts

Irrespective of the terms and conditions of an AMC, businesses can have the benefits of using ServiceOps such as –

  • Acts as a warranty manager
  • An efficient reminder solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to manage AMCs
  • Easier annual planning
  • Informed scheduling
  • Efficient & planned timelines

How to create and manage AMC contracts in ServiceOps?

Businesses appreciate AMCs because it is the best way to safeguard their investments in products and services, and it ensures protection against unplanned downtime, and guarantees that they will always have a service professional within some time. Managing and maintaining AMCs becomes essential because it adds value to the assets that belong to a business.

For example, an organization has 1000s of assets including, IT and not-IT assets in their infrastructure. All the assets must have a lease, warranty, support, maintenance, annual renewals, insurance, and Windows OS license warranty.

The AMC maintenance solution allows you to create a contract by adding basic details such as the name of the contract, start date, end date, owner, and all the essentials about the contract. You can also choose the contract type as per your requirement.

Create and manage AMC contracts

ServiceOps also offers an AMC maintenance solution that stores detailed information by aligning an asset to the contract to keep track of the contract.

Create and manage AMC contracts - Add Relations

Once the contract is created you can check out all the details including status, contract type, owner, vendor, contract number, contract start date, contract end date, cost, assets associated, renewals, expiry reminders, child contracts, audit trails, and notification.

Contract Expiry Status