Contract Management

Motadata offers contract management to manage all types of contracts and associates it with the particular asset to track the contract effortlessly. Drafting, administering, and managing a contract - all can be done from one platform.

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What is a Contract?

A contract is an officially enforceable agreement between organizations and people for the purchased products and/or services.

A contract includes the responsibilities, terms, and conditions each party agrees to accept and agrees to do. This document helps to avoid future misunderstandings between the parties. A contract protects the rights and needs of both parties and can drive them to be responsible for what has been promised.

A contract can be defined in a specific document, as a linked document, or as a separate part of the document.

What is Contract Management?

Within the context of ITSM, contract management is used to manage the life cycle of contract maintenance, such as AMCs, quarterly contracts, or custom duration contracts. It encompasses contract drafting, execution, and analysis to improve an organization’s operational and financial performance while lowering financial risk.

Organizations are under increasing pressure to save costs and enhance their overall performance. Contract management is a time-consuming task requiring an efficient and automated contract management system.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Motadata ServiceOps as Contract Management Solution

Motadata’s contract management solution is ideal for creating, maintaining, and managing business and AMC contracts. It helps companies in managing legal agreements from a single platform. In addition, it makes creating, renewing, and maintaining contracts easy and on time.

What can you do with ServiceOps’ contract management feature?

Motadata’s ServiceOps allows adding various types of contracts that you can easily manage, such as –

Windows OS (license)

Apart from that, the contract management solution also allows businesses to –

Create Contract
Import Contract
Search Contracts
Update Contract
Associate Assets
Create Child Contracts
Contract Renewals/Renewal History
Contract Cancelation
Archive Contract
Print Contract
Reminder for expiration
Audit trail
Instant Notifications


The process of managing contract drafting, execution, and analysis is included in the role of contract management to maximize operational performance, all while cutting down the financial risk.

The contract management process starts with a contract request, authorization, negotiation, approvals, execution, signature, renewals, amendments, and expiration.

The stages of the contract lifecycle include Contract creation, Association with assets, Sub-contracts, Contract approval, Contract auditing, Contract reporting, Contract renewal, and Contract cancelation.