For IT Service Desk Automation Use Case

Reduce manual efforts and costs with powerful automation

Empower IT admins to automate tedious processes to increase productivity and improve the quality of service provided to customers.

Challenges with IT Service Desk Automation

With the growing volume and complexity of support queries, relying on manual work alone is no longer viable. Also, hiring and retaining qualified IT teams for support remains a challenge for businesses. So instead of growing your team and growing the overhead costs, consider increasing your staff efficiency with the help of technology.


of the time

is spent on doing low-value tasks by the IT department.

To become truly effective and maximize the value of the services you deliver, it’s time to consider how to automate service desk management.

Motadata ServiceOps Solution for IT Service Desk Automation

Improve customer service delivery by providing faster resolutions


Automate internal processes using workflow automation

  • Using Motadata ServiceOps Service Desk automate processes like multi-factor authentication setup, password resets, security verification for unlocking accounts, etc.
  • This allows for an IT team to tackle issues at once and speed up resolution time for simple incidents.
  • Our simple drag and drop interface and out-of-the-box workflows were designed to get you started right away.

Route tickets to the right people

  • Ticket triage is a waste of time for support teams, it lengthens response and resolution times, hurting the customer experience.
  • Motadata ServiceOps Service Desk offers built-in features that automate the process of getting requests to the right department, teams, and/or people based on their availability.

Manage SLA violations with automation

  • Our platform offers the ability to escalate tickets automatically or send notifications about SLA breaches by pre-defining automation rules to suit your ticket priorities.
  • Gain visibility into your service delivery by keeping track of your performance against SLAs.

Get feedback from customers

  • High-resolution rates and low-resolution times aren’t metrics to brag about if teams achieved them by closing tickets with unresolved issues.
  • Track customer satisfaction index, using our platform, by capturing feedback for each resolved request.
  • Automate the entire process to make sure you are constantly collecting feedback.

Advantage For IT Service Desk Automation

AI-based automation and intelligent automation to streamline your business processes.

  • Scenario Automation

    Run a specific set of predefined actions on a ticket based on certain conditions.

  • Codeless Customization

    Codeless and Dynamic multi-level Workflow automation to empower IT admins to design custom business rules.

  • Smart Load Balancer

    Auto-assign tickets based on level of expertise, priority, availability, pre-defined rules, and technician load.

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