For IT Teams

Faster Troubleshooting with Actionable Insights

Make zero outage IT operations reality with anomaly detection, event correlation, performance analysis, IT service management, and intelligent automation

Challenges of IT Teams

It is no longer possible to track and manage IT complexities in dynamic, changing environments with traditional techniques and offline efforts requiring manual intervention. IT teams are expected to do more than ever before with old tools and legacy systems that never seem to expire yet they are always under pressure to implement new projects and technologies. To make matters worse, increasing change rates and faster throughput in systems means the volume of data that IT teams have to retain and digest is exponentially increasing.


decrease in high-priority incidents

has been observed by organizations that have implemented a proactive monitoring approach with AIOps.

Motadata AIOps can enable your organization to beat data chaos and gain continuous, actionable insights into your IT Operations.

Motadata AIOps Solution for IT Teams

Predict and prevent incidents before they even happen with Motadata AIOps

Become proactive in preventing service disruptions and outages

  • Improve the efficiency and agility of IT operations by automating manual, repetitive activities with AIOps Service Automation.
  • Automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets to technicians based on an AI-based algorithm.
  • The system helps record all incidents and service requests for future tracing and to get context while solving IT problems.
  • Enable technicians to utilize ML-powered suggestions and responses to save time and focus on more important IT initiatives.
  • Correlated data from a variety of data sources and visualize it on a unified, real-time dashboard to respond to crucial alerts promptly to ensure business continuity.

Generate context with CMDB

  • Manage all IT assets from a single location using the asset manager. Using agent-less and agent-based discovery techniques, create a CI database.
  • Keep the team updated with the latest infrastructure information through our monitoring system that sends configuration data for network devices to a comprehensive database. Use the data to manage the life-cycle of incidents, problems, or change tickets.

Efficiently manage IT changes

  • Enable technicians to manage changes efficiently throughout the lifecycle across various stages like approval, implementation, review, rollback, etc. with our dedicated change management module.
  • Automate approvals with multi-level workflows to prevent technicians from implementing unauthorized changes.
  • Minimize risk and impact on users, accelerate important development work, and easily deploy changes, all while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail for each change.

Address IT issues before they occur

  • AIOps provide active performance monitoring of critical applications which allows IT teams to address the problem of increasing complexity of data due to scaling up.
  • Leverage the machine learning capabilities of our platform to detect outliers to identify impending problems that haven’t triggered any alerts.
  • The platform comes with anomaly detection that IT teams can use to keep a watch on KPIs by comparing current data with historical data.

Advantages for IT Teams

Motadata enables IT teams to combat IT silos and get complete visibility into their IT operations.

  • Amalgamated Big Data

    Motadata brings together data, liberated from disparate tools, to accelerate root cause identification, support cutting-edge analytics, and facilitate automation.

  • Robust Machine Learning

    Motadata’s single-agent automates the process of collecting data from multiple sources, including log data, which is fed into its AI engine.

  • Automation

    Motadata AIOps supports automation of critical activities like application performance monitoring, alerts and incident ticket creation, SLA escalation, and correlation for RCA.

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