For Finance Teams

Streamline Financial Request Management

Standardize Daily Financial Procedures to Improve and Enhance Operational Efficiency

Challenges of Finance Teams

Organizations are Driven by Technology and Data, and Most Organizations use a Variety of Tools, Integrations, and Procedures. The Use of such Fragmented Systems in Each Department of an Organization Results in High Operational Expenses and Friction. To add to that, for the Finance Teams, Managing Risk, and Governance while Ensuring Security and Compliance is Never an Easy Task. Thus, Organizations Need to Update their Service Management Approach to Ensure Better Service Delivery and Save Costs.


of Finance Teams

Motadata ServiceOps Allows Organizations to Establish Processes where Employees are Empowered to help Themselves.

Motadata ServiceOps Solution for Finance Teams

Ensure a secure and auditable financial service delivery across the organization with Motadata ServiceOps

Centralize and Streamline Financial Request Management

  • Create a financial services catalog to centralize request management. Automatically allocate incoming requests to the appropriate personnel in the team with the use of an AI-enabled smart ticket allocation feature.
  • Standardize information by creating and publishing FAQs about tax, salary, and other common questions in the knowledge base and make it available centrally to avoid repetitive inquiries.
  • Keep employees always updated by broadcasting crucial announcements.

Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction by Offering Faster Resolutions

  • Implement a Virtual Agent to engage with common requests like IT Return Form requests and offer an immediate resolution.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and approval procedures using multi-level workflows so that the team can respond to and resolve requests more quickly and effectively.

Ensure Audit-readiness, Every Single Time

  • Keep an updated record of finance-related requests and automate and centralize important financial processes such as approvals to guarantee audit readiness.
  • Ensure compliance when using third-party applications for accounting and finance with the software license management feature of the IT asset management module.
  • Keep security vulnerabilities in check by regularly patching all devices using automated patch management. Monitor compliance and make the audit process less stressful by using dashboards that provide insight into service delivery KPIs.

Advantages for Finance Teams

Ensure security and compliance and save operational costs with Motadata ServiceOps

  • Data Security

    Define and implement role-based access to all financial data and documents using access settings.

  • Ease of Implementation

    Get the ITSM platform up and running in minutes with no coding required. Zero maintenance, no downtime, and minimal training.

  • Integration

    Motadata ServiceOps platform’s open architecture enables easy integrations with third-party finance apps using REST API.

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