IT Asset Discovery Solution

Get instant visibility into IT assets and their service dependencies

Implement quick asset discovery and automatically gather accurate asset and inventory data with Motadata ServiceOps Asset Manager

Challenges with IT Asset Discovery

Even in today’s changing IT landscapes, many enterprises still track IT assets in spreadsheets and do not manage the entire lifecycle of their IT assets. IT teams are known to miss key information in their ITAM strategy to successfully manage their assets right from procurement to disposal. Moreover, using legacy ITAM, IT organizations end up spending productive hours trying to reconcile inventory and assets and dealing with out-of-warranty and out-of-support policy assets.


cost savings in the first year

and approximately 5% savings in each of the subsequent five years for businesses that effectively implemented an ITAM solution.

Motadata ServiceOps can help you decrease IT overspending, achieve software licensing compliance, and reduce potential security risks to save cost.

AIOPS-Banking Solution

Motadata ServiceOps Asset Manager for IT Asset Discovery

Make data-driven, informed decisions about your IT assets

Get accurate information on the IT assets in your IT infrastructure

  • Discover and track all the assets in your organization to accumulate data insights and drive business and financial decision-making on assets.
  • Get real-time insights into all the assets and automatically update your IT asset inventory with the most updated information across your organization.
  • With Motadata AIOps, use machine learning to detect anomalies, investigate root causes, optimize IT costs, and IT service management.

Gain visibility into business service resources & optimize costs

  • With a comprehensive picture of your IT environment, optimize resource consumption and spending.
  • Control application costs and manage resource allocation across your IT infrastructure.
  • Integrate appropriate depreciation rates in a timely way to determine an asset’s proper accounting value and then plan and forecast asset deployment based on business requirements.
  • Keep track of software licenses, their purchase information, expiration, and software usage to better manage IT expenses.

Increase security and ensure compliance

  • Enable quick assessment of vulnerabilities by detecting blind spots and unscanned systems.
  • Keep the information updated on the latest software versions, hardware asset inventories, and patches.
  • Identify under-utilized or unutilized software applications and inactive asset devices that can become back door access points for cyber-attacks.
  • Comprehend the business service context of security notifications.

Advantages For IT Asset Discovery

Automatically get a comprehensive and up-to-date representation of your entire IT asset landscape.

  • CI Database

    Maintain up-to-date CI data and visual mapping of CI relationships with our integrated database to enhance critical ITSM operations and minimize service disruptions.

  • Versatile Asset Discovery Techniques

    Flexibility to choose from various asset discovery techniques such as agentless, agent-based, barcode, and QR code based on evolving technological requirements.

  • Integration

    Motadata ServiceOps platform allows for effortless integrations with third-party apps through REST API.

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