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Challenges of Network Administrators

Network administrators spend their days trying to solve network connectivity issues and maintaining the network. They must manage the security of the company’s information and must maintain a reliable connection for employees. There are many challenges network administrators face, such as knowing what devices are on the network, monitoring traffic to prevent security breaches and managing user access to various networks and systems for different purposes.


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believe that automation plays a vital role in enhancing the uptime of their applications.

Motadata AIOps offers network administrators the ability to continuously monitor the performance of applications, detect anomalies, perform event correlation, and achieve service desk automation.

Motadata AIOps Solution for Network Administrators

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Network security

  • Securing the network has always been a challenging task for the Network Admin team. With new malware attacks and advanced security breaches every day, securing the network with a traditional monitoring system is challenging.
  • In addition, the networks have become more complex with IoT devices, virtual clouds, containers, and the increasing number of BYOD devices.
  • With Motadata Network Observer, network administrators can monitor the entire network and its activities in real-time, keeping admin alert on anomalies.

Monitor and maintenance

  • With scale comes complexity in managing a large volume of data.
  • With Motadata AIOps, network teams can bring together data from a variety of sources and perform event correlation to identify issues that might impact end-users and ultimately the business.
  • Data collection can be automated to make this a continuous process.

Auto response

  • Any issue in the network must be systematically handled for faster resolution. Motadata AIOps consists of service desk automation that can convert alerts into tickets, which can be managed separately using an ITIL-aligned incident management system.
  • Apart from this, service desk automation can be used to control access of users to various systems in the IT infrastructure.

Advantages for Network Administrators

Motadata gives the AI advantage to network administrators in managing the complexities of a modern IT infrastructure.

  • Increased Uptime

    The AI-Driven solution alerts the Network Admin team about potential failures. It provides insights from the patterns and detects an anomaly, saving the enterprise’s time, cost, and damage.

  • Better Bandwidth Utilization

    Bandwidths often go over-utilized, sometimes under-utilized. Keeping a tight watch, network administrators can identify the bottlenecks and prioritized bandwidth utilization.

  • Advanced Auto-Discovery

    With many devices in a network, connecting and monitoring them can be a challenging task. With advanced auto-discovery, the solution discovers all devices and watches them without any hassle.

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