For Data Center Monitoring Use Case

Adaptive Automation for Data Centers

Leverage the power of AI to streamline the dynamic orchestration of IT operations in a data center to ensure a seamless user experience.

Challenges with Data Center Monitoring

Data centers power a digital economy. However, there are also many challenges in running a data center. For example, operational risk management is to ensure that the data center is operating as intended and that all the risks are managed; ensuring that the technology used in the data center is up to date with industry standards as well as security updates; and providing support for technologies, equipment, facilities, etc.


of Data Centers

find it difficult to balance efficiency and cost.

Bridge crucial aspects of IT operations in a data center with Motadata AIOps.

AIOPS-Banking Solution

Motadata AIOps Solution for Data Centers

Gain a competitive advantages with our unified solution

Manage support operations

  • Designed for data center operators to effectively manage their expectations for their end-users by leveraging state-of-the-art automation and Virtual Agent to orchestrate end-to-end request lifecycle management.
  • Manage and minimize MTTR and SLA escalations.

Accelerate RCA

  • Potentially, the root cause could be anywhere from the web interface to the server infrastructure. Leveraging Motadata AIOps, alerts, metrics, and logs from the various monitoring systems are aggregated together to remove unnecessary noise.
  • The narrowed-down possibilities are then passed through analytical models to determine the most likely causes. If validated, the errors can trigger alerts.

Intelligent alerts

  • Motadata AIOps automatically collects and correlates data from multiple sources into invaluable services, allotting technicians the time and power to focus on what matters.
  • As a result, it supports the identification of necessary relationships far quicker. Once the organization starts correlating and analyzing data streams, the next step is to automate responses to abnormal conditions by setting alerts.

Motadata Advantage For Data Center Monitoring

Motadata AIOps, a solution that extends beyond IT operations.

  • Robust Operations

    We have intelligent automation in place to identify issues, so they can be resolved. This also allows us to have faster resolutions, which are beneficial for both our users & the business.

  • Incorporate Agile Decision-Making

    Cognitive models can provide critical recommendations for dynamic orchestration of workflows to ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Better Productivity

    Incident analysis, correlation, and automation of work processes allow for a faster resolution of incidents and better staff productivity.

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