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Change The Way Your Marketing Team Operates

Leverage Smart Automation and Streamlined Operations to Enhance the Productivity of Marketing Teams

Challenges of Marketing Teams

As Businesses Scale, Marketing Teams Become more Distributed, and they Easily Become Overwhelmed with Various Requests on top of Performing their Regular activities and Executing marketing campaigns. Requests Come in via Various channels like Email, Call, Business Communication Platforms like Slack, or even In-person which are Usually Managed using an Excel Spreadsheet and can Become Difficult to keep Track of.


Increase in Productivity

has been Observed by Organizations that have Employed an ESM Solution to Standardize and Automate Marketing Activities.

Motadata ServiceOps enables centralized management of marketing projects to ensure consistency, gain better visibility, and improve team collaboration.

Motadata ServiceOps Solution for Marketing Teams

Gain Visibility and Control Over your Marketing Operations with Motadata ServiceOps

Standardize and Centralize Marketing Initiatives to Ensure Consistency

  • Create a centralized portal to manage incoming marketing requests for the entire organization and eliminate the effort of browsing through endless emails.
  • Enable team members to access various marketing technologies from a central location and enhance resource visibility.
  • To expand and standardize marketing activities, create a library of brand resources, event goodies, business cards, and so on.
  • Keep everyone in the loop and guarantee marketing consistency by broadcasting brand guidelines via the portal.

Improve your Marketing Processes with Automation

  • Switch from manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to automated processes and intelligent ticket management to improve the team’s efficiency.
  • Automatically classify incoming requests by teams, prioritize them by the due date, and allocate them to the appropriate team member depending on their workload.
  • Get a comprehensive picture of incoming requests, existing campaigns, and upcoming initiatives to stay updated on open projects, related activities, and time frames at all times.

Manage Marketing Projects with Efficiency and Ease

  • With a built-in project management module, efficiently manage marketing projects, monitor status updates, and see pending and open projects to make sure that no requests are ignored.
  • Collaborate across cross-functional teams with complete context. Gain insight into various marketing processes with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Advantages for Marketing Teams

Enrich marketing operations with minimal wasted time and resources with Motadata ServiceOps

  • Effortless Implementation

    Motadata ServiceOps can be up and operating in minutes with no coding, no maintenance, no downtime, and minimal training.

  • Codeless Customizations

    Drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to easily customize our ITSM platform to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Integration

    The open architecture of the Motadata ServiceOps platform allows for simple integrations with third-party apps like Slack, Teams, etc. through REST API.

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