For HR Teams

Exceptional Employee Experience with Motadata ServiceOps

Leverage smart automation, NLP-powered Virtual Agent, intelligent workflows, and intuitive service catalogs to streamline HR processes.

Challenges of Modern Day HR Teams

In today’s digital technology-driven market, manual HR processes and legacy systems are causing a high employee turnover due to loss of productivity. The biggest challenge for HR teams is to eliminate mundane tasks and stop playing policy police; instead, their focus should be on more value-producing activities in order to achieve operational excellence.


of Businesses

have Witnessed Improvements in Employee Retention by Adopting Enterprise Service Management in the HR Department to Streamline HR Operations.

Motadata ServiceOps allows organizations to offer the best experience to their employees without burdening their HR personnel with tedious back-office work.

Motadata ServiceOps Solution for HR Teams

Optimize your HR Service Management with Motadata ServiceOps

Improve Employee Productivity

  • Offer consumer-like experience to employees. Bring all HR applications and services together in a single portal.
  • Encourage employee self-service for leave requests, leave balance, spot bonus requests, etc. through intuitive service catalogs.
  • Improve employee experience by providing timely responses and predictable outcomes through automated processes.

Save Time and Cost

  • Reduce level-one ticket costs with an AI-enabled virtual agent. Help employees with automated responses to common issues.
  • Minimize dependency on excel sheets and emails for HR requests to save time using pre-built service catalogs.
  • Deflect service desk calls by creating a centralized repository of important documents and an FAQ library in the knowledgebase covering topics like leave policy, health insurance, employee perks, etc.

Enhance HR Efficiency

  • Categorize and prioritize employee requests and grievances based on predefined conditions with AI-based intelligent ticket allocation.
  • Take a systematic approach to planning and managing new HR initiatives with project management.
  • Make data-driven decisions with a robust dashboard that monitors HR personnel performance, workload, SLA compliance status, and so on.

Advantages for HR Teams

With Serviceops, Streamline HR Operations To Provide A Better Experience For Employees And Managers And Predictable Outcomes For The Business.

Reduced Paper Trail

Streamline request management with ticketing, removing manual paper trails while leveraging audit trails to offer predictable services.

Service Consistency

Provide consistent services with workflow automation, task management, and intuitive service catalogs to enhance employee experience.

Better Visibility Across Department

Enable HR teams to easily collaborate and work on a single ticket to increase productivity.

Improve Responsiveness

Save time spent on common issues with NLP-powered virtual agents, intelligent automation, robust knowledgebase, and in-built service catalogs to improve responsiveness.

Scaling HR Operations

Centralize request management and manage HR requests through various channels like emails, self-service portals, chat, calls, and so on using a single platform.

Measure Experience

Find services that are delivering the most value in terms of experience using our feedback management system, which can capture feedbacks from employees and arrive at an object score.

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