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Streamline Service Delivery Across Your Organization

Motadata ServiceOps Service Desk can help you leverage ITSM principles in a scalable, standardized, and automated manner to other business processes like HR, facilities, and more.

Challenges with Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise service management has been around for a long time and has gone through many changes over the years. With the introduction of new technologies, such as IoT and AI, new challenges arise. The first challenge is maintaining service levels with increasing demands for services. Another challenge is identifying new opportunities to improve the quality of services and experience for customers. Lastly, with the advent of more connected devices, there is a need to create policies that will integrate this modern technology into existing services.


of organizations

admit that intelligent automation has a positive impact on their CSAT score.

ESM can assist with the digital transformation of all support service departments to increase employee productivity and satisfaction while enhancing service delivery and lowering expenses.

Motadata ServiceOps Solution for Enterprise Service Management

Increase employee efficiency by enabling easy access to organizational services and offering seamless services with Motadata ServiceOps

Enhance performance with increased visibility in different services

  • Business managers can simplify service offerings with enterprise service catalogs and standardize and streamline information with defined templates.
  • They can embed tasks and subtasks, trigger automated approvals supported by multi-level workflows, and review requests for finer process governance.
  • Robust reports and dashboards offer deep insights into the value of the services offered and the performance of support teams to better manage team productivity.

Increase efficiency with quick case creation & workflow automation

  • Technicians can categorize all the different services through the service catalog by including relevant details using custom service templates and leverage pre-built service request templates for easy and fast case creation.
  • They can maintain a single system of record to track all incoming requests, pending approvals and receive status updates across all business processes.
  • Enable technicians to utilize drag & drop workflows to reduce manual efforts and provide prompt resolutions.

Boost employee productivity and satisfaction with multi-channel support

  • Employees can access the service desk at any time, from anywhere using a variety of channels such as phone, email, service portal, virtual agent, mobile app, and so on.
  • Enable them to find resolutions to common queries by themselves through self-service without having to wait for technicians to provide solutions.
  • They can also log and track the status of requests without any intervention from support technicians.

Advantages For Enterprise Service Management

Motadata ServiceOps enables organizations to improve internal business alignment and provide better quality services

  • Pre-built Service Request Templates

    Start using pre-built service request templates for HR, IT, Travel, Finance, etc. with minimum customization efforts.

  • Codeless Customizations

    Get customization with Motadata ServiceOps’ modular design, customized forms, processes, SLAs and much more without any coding.

  • Ease of Implementation

    Motadata ServiceOps platform can be up and operating in minutes with minimal training required.

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