Get a complete overview of all the powerful features and capabilities offered by AIOps & ServiceOps


Get powerful, actionable insights from the logs, packets, and Metric with AI/ML capabilities and intelligent automation. Streamline network operations, minimize downtime, identify anomalies, and do much more with all-in-one Motadata AIOps.

Network Observability

Don’t miss out on anything and acquire total visibility across your network. Get meaningful context, actionable, powerful insights and make your network smarter than ever

End to End Layer Topology

Get detailed visibility across your network with topology mapping. The holistic topology builds a robust and healthy network.

Alerts for loss of Availability

Don’t miss out on any failures or losses. Stay alerted about the network’s health and availability all the time.

Network Flow Traffic Analysis

Monitor the transmitted and moving data across the network at any given time with Net-flow, SFlow, and IPFIX.

Network Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on the entire network and ensure uninterrupted network performance.

Virtual Private Network Monitoring (IPsec/SSL)

Trace the connections, applications, and tunnels to ensure a secure private network and encrypted data transmission.

Metric Drilldowns

Get granular metric details like CPU and memory usage, average, comparison with historical data points, and much more.

Service Checks

Ensure the service’s availability at any point of time. Get alerted whenever the specific services are down.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Centralize the powerful metrics and resolve problems with event correlation. Stay up to date and excel the overall performance with end-to-end performance monitoring.

Broad Monitoring Coverage

Enhance the monitoring coverage with end-to-end performance capabilities across your hybrid infrastructure

Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) Reduction

Troubleshoot hundreds of log parsing applications and reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) which helps you get operational visibility across your all applications.

Intelligent Alerting

An advanced AI-driven alert system that notifies you what matters and detects anomalies to save you from inevitable failures.

Third-party Notifications

Get prioritized notifications for the subscribed third-party applications under one roof. Subscribe to the application and stay alerted.

Complete 360-degree Visibility

Obtain crystal clear visibility across your network and monitor the metrics that matter for you with comprehensive 360-degree monitoring.

Topology Maps

Get a detailed, real-time mapping of your topology model across your network - powerful, insightful, visual topology maps.

Dependency Mapping

Stay informed about the application’s dependency, the interconnection between applications, and how that impacts the overall performance and status of the infrastructure.

Monitoring Apps

Monitor applications with a pre-built template and ensure a smooth user experience with thousands of monitoring templates, so you do not miss anything.

Scheduled Reports

Get Round-the-clock monitoring and pre-scheduled reports via mail to your inbox with no human intervention about events and failures taking place in your infrastructure.

Real-time Analytics

Stay informed about real-time data and powerful, actionable insights to ensure the network’s availability and functioning operations.

Scheduled Discovery

The advanced auto-discovery jobs make it easy to discover the newly added network components with pre-defined rules.

Top N Lists

Get daily reports of top N lists of CPU usage, server traffic, network health, and more with simple configurations.

Log Analytics

Ingest and analyze your logs from any source at any scale. Get all of your log data on one unified platform. Process, Troubleshoot and resolve, logging with no limits.

Agent & Agentless Collection

Collect log events from target devices, servers and applications with the flexibility you need to effectively scale your logging.

Log Filtering

Find specific logs with keyword filtering, from a specific source or collector and troubleshoot the issues faster.

Log Alerting

Stay alerted whenever a certain threshold is met in pre-defined logs and stay one step ahead.

Log Live Tail

The live tail supports filter capabilities to filter out the logs which are important to reduce the time for troubleshooting. It also supports keywords search to highlight with colour.

Log Explorer

Get all of your logs centralized and visualize any type of log from any source in any format. A scalable log monitoring solution for rapid troubleshooting.

Firewall Monitoring

Track all the firewall monitoring metrics and achieve effective firewall performance. Discover security breaches and resolve the errors caused by internal users.

Log Parsing Apps

Analyze millions of log events using out-of-the-box log parsing applications, which helps you get operational visibility across your Infra.

Dynamic Log Parsers

Use an automated powerful log parser with no manual parsing that improves efficiency and saves time and effort.

Network Flow Explorer

Get the posture of bandwidth utilization by monitoring the network traffic flowing from source to destination and vice versa.

Network Automation

Configure Backups, build Runbooks, Save Time and Effort. Establish an AI-Driven Automation practice that comes with an advanced alerting system and secure ecosystem.

Runbook Automation

Make your automation one step ahead with python integration and Runbook remediation. Define, build, manage and generate workflow reports to smoothen up the network operations.

Automated Processes

Turn your organization’s routine and mundane tasks into automated practices. Optimize performance and save time and cost.

Configure and Change Management

Stay up to date on configuration changes with alerts and view the changes made. Leverage role-based access for complete control on who can make changes to devices & configurations.

LDAP Integration

Use your existing LDAP server as a master source for the instances, streamline user activities, and automate admin tasks.

Platform Features

Get advanced and powerful features with AI and ML algorithms.

Anomaly/Outlier Detection

Discover the patterns that fall out of behaviour and data outlier with advanced configurations to resolve the elements that slow down the overall performance.

Single dashboard for metrics & Logs

Get one powerful unified dashboard for all the metrics, log events, streaming data, SNMP data and much more.

Email Notifications

Stay up to date about infrastructure’s activity, health, and status with email notifications. Stay alerted about failures and prioritized events.

Root Cause Analysis

Discover performance bottlenecks to improve the overall user experience. Contestant monitoring helps you find the root cause faster and resolve the failures.


With the algorithms of AI and ML, observe the patterns and behaviours and forecast the potential failures before they cause any damage.

Continuous Service Delivery

Come what may happen, get 24*7 continuous service delivered and offer the same advanced and powerful services to your customers.

Optimal Business Agility

With advanced monitoring and IT operations, stand strong in the market amid competitors and excel the growth of your business.

Asset Discovery Scan Management

The advanced auto-discovery facility makes it easy to discover and manage the assets.

Identify Silos

Break silos and improve the overall performance of the application.


Discover patterns, detect noise and establish logical connections between data.


A unified platform that includes PinkVERIFY certified Service Desk, Asset Manager, and Patch Manager to streamline business processes across the organization without the need for third-party tools.

Service Desk

Increase technician efficiency with intelligent automation, easy customizations, and intuitive UI

Auto-ticket Assignment

Leverage in-built AI-based load balancing algorithm to automate ticket prioritization, categorization, and assignment to appropriate technicians.

SLAs and Escalation

Easily customize SLAs and deliver timely services and faster resolutions with automated SLA escalation.

Multi-channel Support

Allow end-users to raise tickets via multiple channels like a support portal, chat, phone, email, mobile app, and even third-party apps.

Self-service Portal

Enable end-users to easily create requests, track ticket status and approvals, and find answers to common issues by themselves.

Service Catalogs

Present available services by creating service items from templates with custom workflows, SLAs, approvals, tasks, and scenarios.

Workflow Automation

Streamline the resolution process with workflows based on certain criteria. Visualize multiple levels and actions through the drag-and-drop workflow designer.

Live Chat Channel

Enable end-users to get instant resolutions and facilitate better collaboration between support technicians with a live chat channel.

Email to Ticket

Automatically create tickets from emails using email command and assign the ticket to an appropriate technician.

Smart Notifications

Keep end-users, technicians, and key stakeholders in the loop about the entire ticket resolution process with custom notifications.

Active Directory Support

Create a network for Windows Active Directory to support password resets, account unlocks, and so on from the service desk portal.


Track customer satisfaction index by easily capturing feedback for each resolved request.


Easily integrate the IT service desk with third-party applications to create and edit ticket requests using REST API.

Mobile App

Resolve incidents and address service requests on the go with our native mobile app. Enable users to create and track tickets from anywhere, anytime.

Reporting & Dashboard

Obtain visibility into your service management processes with OOB reports and monitor service desk performance with a comprehensive dashboard.

Asset Manager

Maintain accurate IT asset inventory with automated asset discovery, asset utilization, and integrated CMDB

Agent & Agentless Discovery

Discover and import data for IT assets in your network automatically using versatile scanning methods.

Software Management & Metering

Automatically categorize software and get utilization information to plan software purchases and ensure compliance.


Keep a comprehensive repository of all assets in the organization with CMDB. Get detailed visibility into how they are linked to one another.

Asset Baseline

Define a set of attributes that all instances of the same asset type should have in order to back out after a change and restore to the original configuration.

Remote Desktop

Connect to remote computers over both intranet and internet with support for chat, file transfer, and video call.

Software Normalization

Create a comprehensive view of software used across multiple systems, offices, and networks based on conditional rules.

Advanced Search for Assets

Leverage advanced search to perform complex queries using keywords and search options to find assets and asset information.

Product and Vendor Catalog

Maintain a database of products from different vendors with price, warranty, and maintenance details.

Barcode & QR Code Configuration

Generate barcode and QR code tags for efficient tracking of hardware assets to ensure good fault tolerance and fast scanning.

Asset Association with Ticket

Easily associate assets to incident, request, problem, or change tickets to get relevant information.

Audit Trail

Track changes made to an asset by scanning history logs using the audit trail


Automate CMDB property updates based on certain events with robust workflows.

Inventory Reports

Generate customizable, out-of-the-box reports to track asset inventory and key metrics like asset utilization.


Trigger API calls using workflow automation with Webhook support to improve integration capability with other products.

Relationship Mapping

Map and visualize dependencies among assets to perform impact analysis for change deployment or RCA for a problem.

Prohibited Software

Mark certain software as prohibited during discovery based on rules. Automatically remove the prohibited software with the auto-uninstall feature.

Track Asset Movement

Track movements and set approvals for assets moving in and out of the premise, e.g., sending assets out for repair.

Asset Location Tracking

Track the location of IT assets in the network with location mapping support for different IP addresses ranges.

Patch Manager

Keep your systems updated and achieve patch compliance with automated patch management

Automated Patch Management

Automate all stages of patch management like scanning, testing, approval, and deployment for all the machines in your network.

Test Group Machines

Use different Test Group Machines to automate testing of missing patches before distributing them on various networks to avert vulnerabilities.

Rollback Patch Updates

Rollback or uninstall insignificant patches or patches to outdated applications that have been declined.

System Health Detection

Identify missing patches and categorize them based on severity by assessing all endpoints with System Health Detection.

Adaptable Deployment Policy

Effortlessly define or customize patch deployment policies to fit your specific organizational requirements.

Windows Patch Management

Automatically install the latest features update and software packages for the Windows machines in your network.